Finding your Dream Property in Glasgow West End

Photo: Downahill. Are you looking for that home you always wanted in the West End of Glasgow? Are you wondering where to start? Are you considering a new home or an older home? Glasgow West End is known for its Victorian tenements and grand town houses, so older homes are in abundance. On the other hand, if ultra modern is your thing, the number of new developments that have sprung up over the last decade ensures that you will also be well catered for; the Glasgow harbour development is one recent example.

Locating your Dream Property in Glasgow

Start by talking with the local residents in the area that you are thinking about - local shops and cafes are usually a good place for a chat. Ask what the neighborhood is like, and find out about other things that might influence your choice of property. For example schools and shopping, maybe even local transport. You need to see if it is a place you might like to live. You can get information from real estate magazines that list properties for sale for homebuyers and the open houses are also listed in the magazines and newspapers.

You can also check with estate agents. On Byres Road you will find an unusually high concentration of estate agents offices, so that's a good place to start your research. The Glasgow Solicitor's Property Centre might also be a good source, since you already know the area you are looking to settle down in. Alternatively, you can start long before you are actually ready to make the final move and go through a search agency, or home search consultants. These offices are very useful for buyers from other countries who want to purchase a house before they move to a new location.

Is Renting a Possibility?

If you are not buying but looking to rent a flat or apartment, you can follow the same methods as buying a home. That way you will have a temporary place to live while you look for your dream house or property. Also once you are based in Glasgow then you can view any property before you make a decision. You can also go along to property auctions - Search Google for Glasgow Property Auctions to get you started.

If you are still living in another country and are just beginning a search, your best bet is probably the Internet. Just like the agents here, UK estate agents are easily contactable online with their homes and you can view properties for sale. That way you can see what is out there and if interested then you can contact the estate agent and see how to go about buying your dream home in Glasgow.

Still not sure what you want but are renting a flat here? Go to the property shows that they have twice a year; you might find something there you like. There are also private sales, but not very many because the properties are mostly handled by an estate agent. You can even drive around and check for 'For Sale' signs too though most may have an agent you need to see first before checking out the property. Still you could always try just knocking on the door.

Photo: Downahill. Once you find your ideal property in Glasgow West End then you will need to put finance in place unless you are buying it cash but given the high prices most people are looking to mortgage. Make sure you check out the options available to you thoroughly.

Financing your Dream Property

There are mortgage offices, building societies and banks that will finance all or part of the mortgage for you. You may be able to get a mortgage through your own bank, but make sure it deals with out of the country properties if you don't already live in Scotland; there is only a slim chance that they do. Make sure when you do look for a mortgage you have all your paperwork in order with all the numbers readily available for your proposal and things will go much smoother for you and the lender. Since the credit crunch it has become harder to obtain 100% and 100% plus mortgages but for buyers with a good credit history and a secure income it's still possible to find very good mortgage deals if you shop around. Don't let the scare stories in the press put you off, banks are still in the business of lending money, no matter what the headlines say.

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I think to find a good house in Glasgow, you need to understand your own needs first. Do you need to be near a school because you have kids, or do you want to be further away from the noise. If you do not have a car, should you stay closer to the bus station? Some factors that are not directly affected by the house it self should also be considered.

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cliff davidson | Fri Feb 12 2010

There is no way that this article, or any of the others like it, is anything other than a generic chunk of words. It could be about Godalming or Burntisland, except for the single reference to Byres Road. Very poor part of the website, and it reflects poorly on all concerned that so little effort has been made to produce something worth reading.

Barry Primrose McLeish | Tue Oct 07 2008

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