Glasgow West End: local celebrity sightings!

Photo: Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End. Celebrity Spot: Glasgow West End.

The West End is known for it concentration of the famous and the nearly famous. Byres Road is where you are likely to bump into the highest acreage of celebrities.

With the BBC studios just at the top of the road, STV studios not far away, King's Theatre, The Pavilion, The Royal Concert Hall, and many more 'luvvie workplaces' within walking distance, you'd be hard pushed not to bump into someone - a face you recognise but can't quite put a name to - on a busy Saturday afternoon.

So who have you seen out and about lately?

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Spotted on the streets of the West End

kevin mccann (hibs) and his stunning g/f:
i seen hibees right back with his gf on a night out at le monde in edinburgh.shocked at how stunning his gf was!!shes looks like that irish bird fae girls aloud.he was all over her...dnt blame um sure her name was lyn? long blonde hair, tanned, ace legs,slim but curvy and an incredible face. i was more excited to see her than him!nah mon the hibees!
Spotted by on Sun Dec 16

Gray O?Brien (River City) chatting with Brian McGuffie:
Spotted Gray O?Brien, best known for playing Billy Davies chatting to Brian McGuffie from G3 Creative outside Oran Mor at the top of Byres Road. Both of them looked as if they had enjoyed the night.
Spotted by on Thu Dec 13

penelope cruz:
doing her shopping in somerfield - honest!
Spotted by on Wed Dec 05

not a celebrity but well known:
Robina Quereshi, the asylum campaigner- looks like shes having a baby. Her man is actor Peter Mullin - seen him in Boy A.
Spotted by on Wed Dec 05

Alana from River City:
Saw her on Byres Road going onto Ashton Lane. OMG she's so hot.
Spotted by on Thu Nov 29

Jack Nicholson:
I saw Jack Nicholson in Tinderbox on Byres Road on Saturday! It was unbelievable, he was wearing sunglasses and reading a paper in a corner so no one noticed him, but each time he looked up I became more and more sure it was him. I then walked by to see for sure, and much to my delight, it was him! He obviously wasn't looking for any attention, I smiled at him and said, "Hi Jack" before asking him if I could quickly get a picture. I discreetly got out my phone and quickly got a pic of me with him. He was such a gentleman, I'm still pinching myself!
Spotted by on Thu Nov 29

Jimmy Carr:
He was walking down Buchanan Street. He is so tall, and just as funny in real life as on TV.
Spotted by on Mon Nov 26

Jo O\'Meara ( ex of S Club 7 ) outside Strathclyde University in Glasgow signing for fans before ent:
Jo O'Meara outside Strathclyde university , signing for fans before entering to give a performance in the students union.
Spotted by on Sun Nov 18

zoe river city:
saw her in play the dancin for someone with money her dres sense in in her a... very door looking never smiled once also with the girl who plays her sister she was lovely smilled all the time
Spotted by on Mon Nov 12

Trinny & Susannah:
Lunchtime in Borders books on Buchannan Street. They were doing a book signing in-line with their new tv show starting. Both were really lovely, got a photo and autographs! :)
Spotted by on Wed Nov 07

Richard Wilson talking to Bryan McGuffie:
I could not believe it - clear as day. Victor Medrew talking to the footballer Bryan McGuffie outside RBS at the top of Byres Road. Do they not know the BBC have moved.
Spotted by on Wed Nov 07

Tiger Tim Stevens:
Spotted Tiger Tim Stevens leaving M & S Foodstore, at the West End Retail Park, Crow Road, on Saturday 27th. Such a lovely man, just a shame he had to be blighted by M.S.
Spotted by on Wed Oct 31

Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian:
queueing for national pop league at woodside social
Spotted by on Sun Oct 28

Colin McCreadie:
In Sainsbury's at bottom of Crow Road, after leaving Sainsbury's I passed by the argos and there he was in there too!!! By the way I also think I saw snookers Alan McManus in same Sainsbury's too.
Spotted by on Sun Oct 28

Alan Hutton:
saw him on tuesday night after the rangers game in bread n butter holding hands with a hot brunette with knee high socks doesnt do bad for himself our aldo.
Spotted by on Thu Oct 25

Liz Lochead:
At Grosvenor, West End going to see Ratatouille!
Spotted by on Mon Oct 22

Brendan Taggart:
He is a lovely guy but why is he back here all these years since we parted? He chose to abandon Scotland and me.
Spotted by on Mon Oct 22

Brendan Taggart:
Saw him again in Buchanan St. Please tell me why he is bsck in Glasgow, Someone must know! Is he looking for me?
Spotted by on Sun Oct 21

Laura Marks from El Presidente:
In Ashton Lane filming with a video camera - wonder if she is in a new show. She stopped to pass a lovely comment on my daughter - I should have asked.
Spotted by on Fri Oct 12

Michelle O'Brien:
Carly from River City, outside Blackfriars at Merchant City Festival.
Spotted by on Wed Oct 10

Frances Healy:
Niamh in River City, couple of Friday's ago in Butterfly & Pig, Bath Street
Spotted by on Wed Oct 10

Kate Dickie:
In Tesco, Silverburn on Sunday, trying on a leather jacket.
Spotted by on Wed Oct 10

but who did they shut off Uni Avenue for at 10am this morning?
Spotted by on Fri Oct 05

anthony costa:
standing outside kings theatre with the lead girl smoking! they had just finished doing blood brothers the musical! :D
Spotted by on Wed Oct 03

Alex Kapranos:
Saw the handsome Alex off of Franz Ferdinand strolling purposefully up Great Western Road
Spotted by on Sat Sep 29

Lenny at it again!!!!
Spotted by on Fri Sep 28

Colin & Justin:
I saw them using the internet at the iCafe on Great Western Road. I went over and said hello to them, Justin was having a panini and a coffee while on the computer and Colin was standing beside him.
Spotted by on Wed Sep 26

archie buchanan:
Guy that plays archie buchanan in river city, dunno if that qualifies him as a celeb, but he's always on byres road or ashton lane i see him almost everytime i'm out, either in and out of pubs or wandering about with pram. usually alone and with dodgy looking facial hair
Spotted by on Mon Sep 24

jenny jones:
with robert kinsky (shaun from eastenders) in ashton lane couple weekends ago...must like the red heads (LOL!)
Spotted by on Thu Sep 13

Brendan Taggart:
Saw him in the Orange shop on Sauchiehall St. one Saturday. He made a fuss because they would not take back a new faulty phone. He held up the queue as he politely explained consumer law. Some customers said they would take their business elsewhere. I left after waiting twenty minutes so I don't know what the outcome was.
Spotted by on Wed Sep 12

Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol):
I saw Gary getting served in Churchills newsagents in the West End of Glasgow.
Spotted by on Wed Sep 12

Peter Mullan:
Laughing out loud on his mobile on Byres Road.
Spotted by on Tue Sep 11

Jenny K Jones:
Saw Ms Jones and her weans commin out of Iceland (LOL!)
Spotted by on Tue Sep 11

Jenny K Jones:
on Byres Rd with Orin and her 10 year old shopping
Spotted by on Tue Sep 11

jack nickolson:
jack nickolson, it was definitely him, this has got to be the most kept secret ever, where are the press on this one, he got on the 44 bus at tennents at byres road, a few folk asked him for an autograph... but to get the 44 ? it was so surreal! he did make a quick announcement and said i love Glasgow, it was amazing.this is spooky... does he not live in Hollywood?????
Spotted by on Sun Sep 02

Nikitta from X factor:
Sitting in the Tea Garden in Gardner st. Got her to sign a pic for my daughter, she was lovely. told me she's playing a gig in Glasgow's Oran Mor on 13th Sept. I'll certainly be there!!
Spotted by on Wed Aug 15

Jack nicholson:
saw the "shining" actor buying four crispy rolls in Peckhams in Clarence Drive, he even came back in and said "i forgot to get a piece of caramel shortcake! apparently rumour has it he has bought a house in the area.
Spotted by on Mon Aug 13

Laura Marks:
Saw her filming in Kelvingrove Park - think it was with the BBC. Should have asked what it was...
Spotted by on Sat Aug 11

Billy Boyd:
Billy Boyd with partner, wean and dug lunching in Observatory, Elderslie Street.
Spotted by on Fri Aug 10

Blythe Duffy (Jackie Reid from Taggart ):
Saw Blythe Duffy having luch in Marks and Spencers,
Spotted by on Sun Aug 05

Alan Lee msyp:
I saw alan, he was on his motorbike in tight leathers. mmm sexy
Spotted by on Sun Aug 05

Brendan Taggart:
I saw Brendan Taggart (again)coming out of the Ubiquitous Chip in Ashton Lane, Glasgow (Scotland) last week. He was with that woman again, the one with long red hair. They both looked good together. Does anyone know why he is back?
Spotted by on Sun Aug 05

Robert Carlyle:
Robert Carlyle, wife and three lovely children having coffee and chatting to a friend in the sunshine outside Tinderbox on Sunday afternoon.
Spotted by on Mon Jul 23

Robert Carlyle and Kaye Adams:
In Kelvin Way and Byres Road, respectively. Saw them last week and not a footballer in sight!!
Spotted by on Mon Jul 16

gerard kelly:
me and my daughter went to see cinderella at the theatre and when the show finished we went round to the stage door to meet gerard kelly ,he was such a nice polite guy and gave my daughter an autograph thanks gerard for proving that not all celebs suck xx
Spotted by on Sun Jul 15

Football Numptys Out:
Echo the sentiments of James, lets keep this site for real class and West End Celebs - not a sad minority of over inflated ego's showing off their football obsessions! We're not interested!
Spotted by on Fri Jul 13

Here we go again with postings of footballers tarts this time FOR GOD SAKE GET A LIFE .... irene everyone knows your a wannabe so pppplllleeeeaaassseee piss off to another site no ones interested in you trying to make a name for yourself.
Spotted by on Thu Jul 12

Gilly Gilchrist:
In Budda ordering a pint of guinness and a coffee with a tartan shirt and shorts on - looking very unshaven eith long locks!
Spotted by on Thu Jul 12

jennifer johnstone:
Lennons other wag with her smug face in the baby shop - what did she get
Spotted by on Thu Jul 12

John Stott:
On Kendal Avenue, Kelvindale having a smoke in his trailer for filming!
Spotted by on Wed Jun 27

carol smiley:
going into the new light shop next to birthdays on crow rd damm that lady looks good
Spotted by on Tue Jun 26

Peter Howson:
Napiershall Street Kelvinbridge. He's not a celebrity either but I was impressed I spotted him!!!
Spotted by on Sun Jun 24

Iwell shes no celbrity but ...:
Saw Robina Qureshi outside Campus today - my has she got a gorgeous pair of legs!!
Spotted by on Sun Jun 24

Spotted by on Fri Jun 22

Dean Gaffney:
Seen him in Buff Club, bath lane. Was there himself and was ready to make a pass at my friend before noticing that she was walking to sit down next to me and thinking I was her boyfriend, went back and started texting on his phone! Double checked on the net to make sure he was in town and apparently he's in some Agathe Christie play!
Spotted by on Tue Jun 12

Joanne-River City, Winston-Still Game, Jason-BB:
Saw them all on the same night at the end of 06. Spoke to Joanne outside Corinthian to ask her & her friends for directions but didn't realise it was her until she turned round! Saw Winston at the river boat casino and he spoke to my friend then we got a photo with him. Jason was in the arches looking well peeved. No change there then.
Spotted by on Tue Jun 12

Spotted a few days ago pushing a pram down Byres Rd:
Sanjeev Kohli (Naveed from Still Game)
Spotted by on Mon Jun 11

ford kienan (jack out of still game):
seen ford kienan in buchanan galleries with his wee boy. his wee boy is SO cute.
Spotted by on Sat Jun 09

Stuart Cosgrove:
I saw Stuart Cosgrove today on Gordon Street, was on my way home after an exam - he cheered me up!
Spotted by on Tue May 29

jane middlemiss:
on the underground at kelvinbrudge!
Spotted by on Mon May 28

celtic captain:
Spotted the celtic captain cant remember his name (the bald guy used to be ginger) in the chardondor in west regent street two sats ago looking cosy with a brunette who looked far too young and far too good looking for him ! Lol ! Has anyone else seen them ? I live in the westend and apparantly theres a lot of footballers here ?
Spotted by jonny on Thu Dec 14

Alan Mcgregor:
Yeah I saw them last night too, I spoke to the girl in the toilets cos her dress was well cool. Her name is Laura and she was dead nice (and absolutely beautiful too lucky cow!) Looks and a hot man sooooo unfair! Can't believe he smokes though he should be a looking after his health being an athlete!!
Spotted by Lois on Mon Dec 11

Allan Mcgregor and his gf:
Saw Allan Mcgregor with his seriously hot brunette bird in One Up last night. (Think her name is Laura)She was sitting on his knee and they were out having a cigarette, yes he smokes too! He was wearing jeans and trainers and a light coloured top and she had on an amzing black see through dress and thigh high boots. Gorgeous couple!
Spotted by Jamie on Mon Dec 11

Salman Khan:
I saw him at iCafe in gibson street. He was talking to the owner and they seemed to be very good friends. I took his autograph and then he asked me if i wanted a photo with him. So i did. HE is quite something. WOW!
Spotted by Qasim Siddique on Mon Dec 11

Laura Marks:
Laura Marks from El Prez. Walking through Royal Exchange Square on Tues night with two other girls. Think i have the same shoes as her - great taste!
Spotted by Sadie Dodds on Mon Dec 04

Brian McGuffie (Footballer) and Bobby Carlyle (Actor):
Brian McGuffie the gorgious wee footballer, Robert Carlyle the brilliant actor who played Hamish McBeth having a stroll in the Botanic Gardens just off Byres Road chatting about old disco days in Shuffles on Sauchiehall Street. Bye the way Brian I would ditch the ANORAK.
Spotted by Karen McGynn on Tue Nov 28

the rolling stones:
well heres one for you , I saw the Stones in a wee hut in Hamilton called it a hotel but no way , it was a dump really, they had loads of forged tickets so the place was heaving, sweat running off the roof , no joking that was 1964 I think. maybe 63.
Spotted by Irene robertson on Mon Nov 27

the lassie who does up rooms:
sorry forget her name the dark olive skinned lassie who lives in the west end saw her out for messages last year.
Spotted by Irene robertson on Mon Nov 27

richard widmark:
forgot to say that was in 1961 or 62 saw richard widmark he was just sightseeing as his family had come from Brgton, many years before , only found that out from writing into showbiz sam as no one believed Id seen a famous actor walking thru Brigton , mmm oh aye I spoke to Billy Connelly outside the old What Every Woman Wants at Xmas 1990 he was nice and gave me a wee wave, spoke to Maggie Thatcher at the Garden Festival in 88 dont know if thats good or not. also met Charlie Dimmock in Culross some years ago doing up a wee garden . shes nicer than on the telly. oh cant think of any more just now.
Spotted by Irene robertson on Mon Nov 27

Richard Widmark:
well heres one that you might not believe I lived in Brigton when a wee lassie and was doing my homework going down Fordneuk st, banged into a man looked up and could nt believe it, it was Richard Widmark the american actor he just smiled and walked on, all tan and wearing a shortie trench coat, beat that one eh.
Spotted by Irene robertson on Mon Nov 27

Paul Buchanan, Avril Paton:
At the Hannah Frank lexhibition and opening party for Gallery Templiers in Ruthven Mews Shopping Arcade on Sunday November 12
Spotted by ann craig on Sat Nov 25

Paul Buchanan, Avril Paton:
At the Hannah Frank lexhibition and opening party for Gallery Templiers in Ruthven Mews Shopping Arcade on Sunday November 12
Spotted by ann craig on Sat Nov 25

Lenny bhoy:
Seen him going into my neighbours house in sheildhall last week - cmon the hoops !
Spotted by fiona on Wed Nov 22

Jenny Jones:
I spotted them too in john lewis !!! She is so tall !!! Think the guy is an actor ? And her baby is sssssssssssoooooooooooo cute !! I bought her album after that its good love 'bloodstream'
Spotted by joanne mccloud on Sat Nov 18

Jenny k Jones:
Spotted her in the coffee shop in buchanan galleries looking blonde and skinny she was with a well handsome dark haired man (looked familiar) and her baby.
Spotted by mark on Sat Nov 18

Mick Jagger:
On Inchmurrin Island, Loch Lomond, the day after The Stones Concert at Hampden in August. He thought he was going out there for a bit of peace and quiet but we had about 40 nutters who work in a cash and carry out there for a corporate day; "HO PAL, YOU'RE MICK JAGGER, WHIT THE F*** ARE YOU DAEIN' HERE EH?" hahaha, no peace for him, poor guy.
Spotted by Ross on Wed Nov 15

Shaun Maloney:
I spoke to Shaun in a bar in Glasgow and i asked about his future at Parkhead and he said he was almost certain to join ASTON VILLA in January , because of Martin O'neill
Spotted by Damo on Tue Nov 14

Michelle McManus:
Struggling out of her Tigra in Shawlands. If she's a size 16 then I'm Nicole Ritchie!
Spotted by Lady Miss L on Tue Nov 14

John and Steven from Bis and Dirty Hospital:
I saw John Disco and SCI FI Steven from Bis. Think they are now in a techno group called Dirty Hospital - my pal says they are amazing. They were sitting in Stravaigin on a Tuesday night. They looked like they were having a good laugh.
Spotted by Louise on Mon Nov 13

shaun maloney:
Shaun Maloney looking very cosy with a brunette in the House of Frasers looking at Gucci bags.He could not keep his hands off her..
Spotted by karen on Fri Nov 10

Ma bhoy Shaun:
I met Shaun outside parkhead on my b-day last week and he was very nice an smelt lovely. I got his autogragh and a photo... Any 1 noif he still has a gf......
Spotted by sarah on Mon Nov 06

Shayne Ward !!!:
In Buchanan Galleries With His Girlfriend .. God.. Hes Soooooo Tallll
Spotted by Kayleigh Quinn on Fri Nov 03

Michael McGlinchey (Gorgeous Celtic Reserve):
Saw him and his girlfriend in DiMaggios in exchange square looking very cosy indeed.Couldnt keep their hands off each other.
Spotted by Know it all on Mon Oct 30

the wee fat guy from el presidente:
walking down kilmarnock road in shawlands today with some baldy guy. Ah think his names dante
Spotted by jimmy on Tue Oct 24

christiano ronaldo:
outside crepe a croissant looking awful - oh dear lol
Spotted by joanne on Fri Oct 20

A few so far...:
Me and my friend saw ford kiernan a couple of weeks ago chatting to some people outside the oran mor, then greg hemphill appeared looking dazed!! then oh my god last night we were stood in jintys and peter mullan was standing a few inches away - he looked smaller and much older than my name is joe. he was with robina qureshi the refugee campaigner. Poor robina then fainted in peter's arms watched on by the entire pub!! Finally, seen kaye adams a couple of weeks ago with her daughter looking bored , she has nice eyes - thats all so far. Phew!!
Spotted by davidr on Fri Oct 20

Shaun Maloney ..=D..x:
I met ma bhoy maloney last week at parkhead he was soo small and cute he gawrjus mahn.. got a picture with him ...i met the other players aswelll but maloney was the one i wanted to meet and i did =D love himm !!!!=D
Spotted by jordann on Mon Oct 16

Shaun Maloney <3:
I see him all the time after training, and he drives past me alot too. I met the whole team two years go in the College Bar in High sreet, they've all been there a few times for Xmas nights out. I see Shaun so much though, he's B E A U T I F U L :D x
Spotted by Kayleigh Quinn on Sun Oct 15

Arthur Numan + Nice looking Gers Player:
I don't know who the opther guy was but he is a rangers player. Saw them about four weeks ago in Buchanan Street.
Spotted by Kayleigh Quinn on Sun Oct 15

Outside the Kings Theatre. He was happy to pose for pictures and sign autographs .. He looked and smelled absoloutly GORGEOUS!!! And I told him so Haha x
Spotted by Kayleigh Quinn on Sun Oct 15

Kenny Miller:
KENNY MiLLER ! Walked Past Me Two Weeks Ago Outside The Italian Centre Wearing A Gorgeous Aramani Jumper And Swinging his Armai Shopping Bag Around .. He Hit Me By Accident But Apologised .. Hes Got A Gorgeous Smile :D x
Spotted by Kayleigh Quinn on Sun Oct 15

Kaye Adams:
Just seen Kaye from Loose Women with her partner and daughter having lunch in "Naked Soup" on Kersland St. They had to rush out to avoid a parking ticket lol
Spotted by Amy on Sun Oct 15

peter mullan:
spotted peter mullan in ashton lane with his girlfriend robina quereshi. she was on the news last week taking about asylum seekers. they were holding hands and talking. i thought they looked cool together.
Spotted by gerry on Sun Oct 15

claire sweeney:
i walked passed claire posing for a photograph with some tramp outside the king's theatre, wearing a hideous pink, velour tracksuit and looking like a drag queen.
Spotted by cara on Mon Oct 09

Shane Ward:
I seen him in sarecen street. He was gettina take away!
Spotted by Kirsty on Fri Oct 06

Laura Marks from El Presidente:
Spotted her walking up Ashton Lane with some friends. cool clothes!
Spotted by Joe Summer on Wed Oct 04

christiano ronaldo:
outside papyrus looking like shit lol
Spotted by harrison on Mon Oct 02

Glyn from Big Brother!:
Just spotted Glyn the Welsh guy off of BB! What a nice guy!!!!
Spotted by Joe King on Sat Sep 30

Ford Keirnan & Grieg Hemphill:
Spotted Jack and Victor Wed 27th Sept 06 sauchie hall St at 6.45pm. I was waiting outside to start my shift in Glasgow Dental Hospital. Mr Hemphill must have spotted the uniform, he asked me if i had taken many teeth out today. I replied i was just about to start.
Spotted by CARRIE on Wed Sep 27

Daniel Healy:
Byres Road with a gorgeous looking woman who I think is a famous actress from the film 'The Jacket'. He was playing in Oran Mor to promote his up an coming EP.
Spotted by Nikita on Tue Sep 26

My family and I were in McDonalds in Finnieston when I heard a voice and thought "I know that voice!" It was Ford and his son. He sounds exactly like he does in Still Game. He looked very doting on his lad and rightly so. The restaurant was not busy but he did get quite a few looks, and when a group of lads came in and Ford & son left the lads were starting to cheer at him. I think he looked a bit embarrassed and was glad to leave. But a good sighting Cool car too!
Spotted by SANDRA MILLIGAN on Sat Sep 23

greg hemphill:
spotted him with his wee boy going up byres road - dead blue eyes!
Spotted by david on Tue Sep 19

with peter mullen:
Hey Sandy - the girl with Peter mullan in Cottiers was Robina Qureshi - they were on the front page of the News of the World the previous Sunday!!
Spotted by Jo on Tue Sep 19

Joanne and Marty from River City:
In the Easyinternet cafe 13 September!
Spotted by Yvonne on Wed Sep 13

Robbie Coltrane:
Driving a very cool car on Gt Western Road heading towards Anniesland Cross, 11th September
Spotted by Yvonne on Wed Sep 13

Luca from River City:
Walking up Byres Road on 10th september and he stared at me!
Spotted by Yvonne on Wed Sep 13

Peter mullan:
saw him in cottiers bar on friday with his foreign girlfriend - spanish i think - they looked loved up, i'd like to know if anybody else knows more about them.
Spotted by sandy on Wed Sep 13

I saw orlando bloom going into costa on the kelvin bridge and i was not seeing things:
orlando bloom
Spotted by harry on Tue Sep 12

deak fae rivercity and george:
saw derek at my sons youth theatre in paisley, he made my son's day by giving him his autograph. George stays in ma home town see him at the co-op.
Spotted by sheena on Mon Sep 11

Jenny Jones:
Spotted the scottish singer in ashton lane at the weekend
Spotted by Donnie on Mon Sep 11

Colin and Justin:
I saw them getting into a car at Glasgow airport both looking very handsome and groomed.ekk!
Spotted by vm on Fri Sep 08

Chris Somerville (scottish upcomer actor):
Walking down argyll st yesterday coming out of topman! Had been in H&M too. He's in a movie called 'pondlife' and 'night is day'. Check them out. Support indie flicks like me, theyre the best! an, ian
Spotted by Ian mac Falane on Fri Sep 01

Greg Hemphill:
Bumped into me in Somerfield on Byers Road while i was choosing cheese the other week.
Spotted by A. Alexander on Thu Aug 31

Alisdair Gray:
Spotted Scottish Author, and Artist Alisdair Gray,with a female at a du in Antipasti Byres Road!
Spotted by Jill F on Sun Aug 27

Alan Lee:
I recently saw alan and his girlfriend in town late one night. they both look quite cool in their matchin clothes lol
Spotted by Laura Kyle on Fri Aug 25

SEEN in morrisons annisland cross today tue 22 doing her shopping hairs great by the way i love it.
Spotted by CHERYL HARGAN on Tue Aug 22

jeremy clement:
on saturday after the rangers v hearts ,looking stanning and hot,got his autograph and my srip signed by him,he is so fine,i lve him,
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Mon Aug 21

Brad Pitt:
I was sightseeing in the central of london and i went to get a coffee in starbucks (west end) an he walked past i couldnt believe it.
Spotted by Cat- jane on Sun Aug 20

on byres road with her friend about a hundred times:
(the girl who plays nikki in river city)
Spotted by jo on Sun Aug 20

ashley cole and cheryl tweedy and dermot desmond:
the hilton in Glasgow Friday 18th with dermott desmond
Spotted by jim on Sat Aug 19

jim obrien:
since when is a celtic reserve player a celebrity lol thats just nuts. and oh my god stop stalking the guy and his girlfriend no one really wants to know wwhat he was buying in a shop
Spotted by Kimberly on Thu Aug 17

jim o'brien:
saw him in the hilton hotel coming out a room looking pleased, anybody else seen him i would love you to write on ere or if anybody knows anything about him and his girlfriend
Spotted by Penny on Tue Aug 08

Robert Carlyle:
Having a stroll at the Kelvin Walkway with his two little nippers.
Spotted by Gilliana on Sun Aug 06

River City Gang (sad I know!):
Saw Roisin (Aberdonian), Scarlet and Scott (gay guy who's going out with the cop!)in papperinos last nite. They all look fabulous in real life obviously!!
Spotted by wee K on Wed Aug 02

Jim O'Brien ( Celtic Player ) With Girlfriend Alex:
I Saw Jim O'Brien In House Of Frasers With His Girlfriend Alex. They Were Buying A Gucci Washbag And A Pair Of Gucci Shoes. They Couldn't Keep There Hands Of One Another.
Spotted by Anna & Kelly on Sun Jul 30

craig armstrong:
walking up hyndland road looking at the sky!!
Spotted by west end girl on Sun Jul 16

Jim O'Brien & Girlfriend.:
I Saw Celtic's Star Reserve Player Jim O'Brien With His Girlfriend Who's Name Is Alex I Have Come To Believe. Very Stunning, Make A Lovely Couple. She Has Shoulder Length Brown Hair & Was Wearing Brown Combat Trousers. They Were In Glasgow City Centre Looking At Baby Clothes In The Celtic Shop.
Spotted by Penny on Fri Jul 14

Garry Sweeney:
I saw Garry The Actor in Byres Rd. Lunchtime Monday 26th June 06.
Spotted by Frank O'Neill on Mon Jul 10

Stephen McManus celtic player:
I seen Celtic player Stephen McManus with a hot brunette coming out of a pub in clarkston far too hot for him. from a rangers fan
Spotted by Gerry on Thu Jul 06

Stephen McMannus:
Seen Stephen McMannus with really hot brunette in clarkston !!! She was so hot !!!!
Spotted by james on Tue Jul 04

Bill Clinton, Liz Hurley, Lemmy from Motor Head, Celtic team, Ewan MacGregor, Travis playing live:
The most famous ones out af all of these mediocre posts! I work in a hotel and see famous people almost daily
Spotted by Matt on Sun Jul 02

Robert Carlyle (actor) and Brian McGuffie (footballer):
I spotted the two guys and a very attractive lady talking to each other in Ashton Lane outside a shop that sells Apple computers. I was told that Bobby Carlisle now lives in the west end. And remember the headlines GRETNA DREAM OF EUROPE - 4TH APRIL 2006 A second half penalty strike from the talented Brian McGuffie helped Gretna reach the Tennant?s Scottish Cup Final.
Spotted by david mcnaught on Mon Jun 19

Daniel Healy:
Oran Mor last Tuesday with his band EOSCENE.CO.UK Best band of the night apart from Dieselbone. Everyone and their dog were there including half of the River City cast (and ex River City cast) and John McLaughlin of Fame Academy. Keep it real EOSCENE CID
Spotted by El Cid on Sat Jun 17

"take that,sugababes.: hi everyone. i saw and met take that last night. and there brill support group sugababes,there looking very tired and take that looking very very hot and wet,mark and jason and no tops on just jeans, sorry no pics, Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Mon May 01" THATS REALLY FUNNY, CONSIDERING THE SUGABABES DIDNT DO THE TAKE THAT DATES IN GLASGOW. tHE SUPPORT ACT WAS BEVERLY KNIGHT...LOL
Spotted by THE TRUTH on Thu Jun 15

sean connery & wife:
Top of Byres Road, Friday evening a couple of months ago.
Spotted by suzy on Mon Jun 12

em uz r all sad who are these people anyway bet u lot write these things bout urselfs
Spotted by me on Fri Jun 09

alan lee:
hes ma man hopefully a c u soon hehehe love ya bbz phone u tomorrow hehe. n yes girls he is beautiful n sexi but keep ur hands off hes ma bf lol xxxxxx
Spotted by staceybaby on Fri Jun 09

Daniel Healy, Robin Birney, Gary Wilson and Graham Tidd from Eoscene:
Not the West End, but have seen them there lots. I saw them looking tired after a session at Blue Cat Studio - hopefully recording their long awaited EP. You can hear them at
Spotted by Lara on Sat Jun 03

Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth:
Sauntering down Byres Road last monht with their entaurage searching for a restaurant to eat in.
Spotted by The Narrator on Thu Jun 01

stilain petrov.:
in cube nightclub on friday night with shuan maloney,looking very sexy and nice looking, and guess what i got there autographes and real signed pictures of them in the gold and black kit,
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Mon May 15

ShAuN MaLoNeY:
i work in jd sports in glasgows town center and i was doing what i do when this sexy voiced person said excuse me do you have these in a size (im not telling what size he wanted that i'll keep to my self)i looked up and there was shaun maloney looking sexy as ever.i got his trainers and an autograph. oh and he also bought some very nice clothes aswell he smelled soooo luvly. xxx
Spotted by laureen on Sat May 13

shaun maloney:
i work in jd sports in glasgows town center and i was doing what i do when this sexy voiced person said excuse me do you have these in a size (im not telling what size he wanted that i'll keep to my self)i looked up and there was shaun maloney looking sexy as ever.i got his trainers and an autograph. oh and he also bought some very nice clothes aswell he smelled soooo luvly. xxx
Spotted by laureen on Sat May 13

Ainsley Harriet, Anthony Worrall Thomson and Brian McGuffie:
I was sitting outside the bar across from Gongs - just off Byres Road enjoying a small shandy when I noticed the two chefs, the footballer and a young lady coming out of Gongs and going into a taxi. I was told that the McGuffie clan are from the West End and his father can often be seen in Tennents Bar.
Spotted by David McLucky on Thu May 11

i saw westlife outside the secc glasgow last tuesday night after they brillrent show,there,
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Thu May 11

In one up, royal exchange sq. being ushered around by their minders!!:
Take That
Spotted by lc on Tue May 09

take that,sugababes.:
hi everyone. i saw and met take that last night. and there brill support group sugababes,there looking very tired and take that looking very very hot and wet,mark and jason and no tops on just jeans, sorry no pics,
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Mon May 01

Kay Adams:
(........Not quite the West - End.......) Spotted Kay Adams (of "Loose women") at "X-Scape" Braehead. She looked pretty good minus the make up. Cornered her on the stairs to confirm it was her & for a blether! She was en route to the indoor ski - slope/s with her hubby ? & daughter!
Spotted by Jill F on Mon May 01

Taking a stroll down Byres Road on Sunday morning - both looking very dapper and very handsome.:
Justin & Colin
Spotted by Sam Mowat on Mon May 01

Phil Jupidus:
Not sure if thats how you spell it but the big guy anyway, saw him at the Kaiser Chiefs concert at SECC Wed 19th.
Spotted by Lisa on Wed Apr 26

Teenage Fan Club:
Having food and drink in the Whistlers Mother
Spotted by Tommy Spalding on Fri Apr 21

ally mcoist:
he was shopping at asda it was funny because there was bag packers in from the local kids team and they all asked him for his autograph ally is a hottie!!
Spotted by annie on Tue Apr 11
hi.. [lovenkrands going into rosshall hospital, [ nacho,in china white on saturday, [ricksen, in asda at goven after the game on saturday,,
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Mon Apr 10

Laura Marks:
Spotted Laura Marks from El Presidente driving along Byers Road - singing!
Spotted by Jamie Hughes on Mon Apr 10

Alan Lee:
im not quite sure if he's a celeb or not but I have seen him in a few local n national newspapers and also on tv b4. well i saw him in buffalo joes on tuesday 4 april with a girl. i think he looks much better in person.
Spotted by Laura Kyle on Sun Apr 09

Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Thu Apr 06

Billy Boyd:
Wandering along Elderslie Street on Monday about 5pm listening to his ipod.
Spotted by Jane on Thu Apr 06

charlie adam:
hi everyone , i saw ex rangers star now st mirren star charlie adam yesterday in chinese buffel king in the town. he looked very hot,white t-shirt and dark blue jeans, with his mate,i was there with all my class from college, sorry never got his autograph.
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Fri Mar 31

all the glasgow rangers first team last night,:
hi, i saw all of the. glasgow rangers first team, last night , at china white, for nacho novo 26th birhtday party. pl was looking very hot, nn was looking very happy. but best was pl in tight lealther jeans and a half opened shrit.
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Sun Mar 26

all the rfc players:
i meet all the players 2day includin ma favourite nacho novo, i got a kiss frm ma numba 1 player n a cuddle. :D
Spotted by louise k on Sun Mar 26

Daniel Healy:
In Brel and then the Jason Mraz Gig in the QMU. I also saw him playing with his band EOSCENE in Barfly and the Liquid Lounge. They are the best band I've seen in a long time. Check them out at
Spotted by lindsay on Sat Mar 25

the person who met lovenkrands today:
hello i am just write to say if the person wo met lovenkrands,burke,novo. buffel,ricksen could e mail me , lovenkrands autograph,and anything eles who have as pl
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Fri Mar 24

Rangers Players:
I seen nacho, peter, ricksen, burke, hutton, buffel and many more outside ibrox and i got my pic took way sexy ricksen and peter. got autographs too
Spotted by Michelle Frew on Fri Mar 24

Billy Boyd (Pippin from Lord of the Rings):
Having a drink with friends in Metropolitan (Merchant City, Saturday 18th March.
Spotted by Monkey on Fri Mar 24

Saw Preston and the other Ordinary boys in the Chip on Ashton Lane on Saturday!
Spotted by Anne on Sun Mar 19

peter lovenkrands , nacho novo:
in my college today.and i got to speck to my star gers guy pl
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Thu Mar 16

On saturday night in one up on royal exchange square. Looked as if they were having fun.:
The whole rangers
Spotted by lc on Thu Mar 16

Greg Hemphill (chewing the fat) and miss hoolie (balamory):
Calderglen Country Park. East Kilbride ... greg hemphill with the biggest sunglasses you have ever seen,he was with his wife miss hoolie from the kids show balamory
Spotted by annie on Thu Mar 16

virgin glasgow for a signing back in october 2001 it was a great day got there autograph and i am in there dvd coast to coast
Spotted by annie on Thu Mar 16

river city:
dereks grampa from river city always come into asda,he is very nice
Spotted by annie on Thu Mar 16

ken stott:
I saw ken stott in repertopire on north street.seems to be coming a hang out for surprised that this place has gone unnoticed its a great place and im only glad i stumbled across it.
Spotted by tom on Fri Mar 10

Colin McCredie:
I saw D.C Stuart Frazer (Taggart) at the Strokes gig in the Carling Academy a few weeks ago. He looked like an ace guy, having a good time!
Spotted by Charlene on Fri Mar 10

Gilly Gilchrist/Brian Pettifer:
Gilly Gilchrist (River City and various other Scottish programmes) on Byres Road outside Oran Mor, wearing big sunglasses, but at least it was sunny! Brian Pettifer (Hamish McBeth, Taggart, Monarch of the Glen, etc) in M&S Simply Foods Gt George Street.
Spotted by Wanderer on Tue Feb 28

Karen Dunbar:
in Dubai Airport looking really quite "jet lagged" Had a female bodyguard with least she looked like a bodyguard !
Spotted by Kenny L on Sun Feb 26

The male Hairdresser from Hollyoaks:
Getting his hair done in a barbers shop in Neilston road Paisley, funny/shame seeing him being pestered by wee neds for his photo.
Spotted by Kenny L on Sun Feb 26

Alan Lee MSYP:
How weird, on my first day off in ages, I saw Alan in town. He was with a girl and two younger girls, I think they're twins cos they both had the same clothes on. I just hope that's not his girlfriend lol. I bumped into him twice, once in Buchanan Galleries and the other in St. Enoch Centre heading up to the Jelly Club. He's lovely and gorgeous. Abi Abbiss, 21, Maryhill
Spotted by Abi Abbiss on Wed Feb 22

Daniel Healy (Taggart - Eoscene):
James Blunt and Jason Mraz Concert SECC last night - He looked as if he was having a really good time.
Spotted by Katy on Sun Feb 12

Alan Lee:
I saw my local MSYP Alan Lee at a Chinese restaurant a few days ago with a girl having dinner.
Spotted by Louise Brown on Fri Feb 10

Daniel Healy:
The Mixing Rooms Playing a fantastic musical set. This guy is so talented acting or singing that is the question Rock on Danny
Spotted by Janine on Sat Feb 04

Miss Odonell
Spotted by Megan on Tue Jan 31

Simon Ferry & Other Celtic Reserves:
We saw Simon Ferry and a few other Celtic reserves walking up Buchanan Street 2day !! :D :D And He looked extremely HOT !! lol
Spotted by Carla & Amanda on Mon Jan 30

Him that plays Raymond in River City:
He was in Partick train station buying a ticket. He looks a lot shorter in real life.
Spotted by Leeanne McWilliam on Sat Jan 28

Peter lovenkrands:
i have met peter lovenkrands lots of times and the rest of the team, how did u have dinner with nacho and peter?
Spotted by louise k on Thu Jan 26

me and pl and novo:
i saw them all at ibrox on saturday ... then after the game i went to have dinner with pl26,nn,10///.reply if anya of the people on this site have met PL26..
Spotted by gillian .... 26 pl fan on Thu Jan 26

Colin and Justin:
At "internacionale" on Crow Road with a film crew the other week!
Spotted by Yvonne on Wed Jan 25

Alex Macleish:
Having dinner with his wife and daughter in Massimo in Bearsden just after New Year!
Spotted by Yvonne on Wed Jan 25

ross mc cormak:
hiya ppo a seen ross mccormak wif his gurlfriend ootside mcdonalds on saturday xx
Spotted by jordann on Tue Jan 24

I saw shaun maloney with girlfriend jordann herity!
Spotted by Megan on Tue Jan 24

Tam Dean Burn (McCabe in River City!):
saw him on hope street just at Buffalo Joes looked a bit shifty! with his big long matrix coat!!
Spotted by janey baby on Thu Jan 19

shaun maloney:
Can anyone tell me if aiden mcgeady is still going out with that danielle girl? oh and i saw shaun maloney in asda!:)
Spotted by Nikole on Wed Jan 18

Libby McArthur (Gina from River City):
The day before Hogmanay in Mellis Cheesemongers on Great Western Road.
Spotted by Claire Paterson on Tue Jan 10

Parkhead! In the west end!:
It's not! So go and post your Celtic sightings on Patsy O'Byrne's East End website
Spotted by Bob Whussky on Mon Jan 09

I went to parkhead on Friday 6th of Jan,and I met ma stunnin bhoy Shaun Maloney(The one I was really going up to i met Petrov,lennon,Bourc,Mcmanus,Mcgeady,Beattie,Camara,Hartson,Nakamura,Telfer,Thompson and Wallace.x x It was great,I loved it. (They were all so nice.)
Spotted by JENNA XMcCX on Mon Jan 09

Herald TV critic Abigail Wild:
In University Avenue, wearing a red coat - by golly, she's a red-hot stunner!
Spotted by Bob Whussky on Mon Jan 09

Elaine "See me" Smith:
In Byres Road, looking disdainful - and the size of a brick out-house
Spotted by Bob Whussky on Mon Jan 09

Rory Lamont, Steve Swindall & Graeme Morrison:
Saw three Glasgow Warriors rugby players: Rory Lamont, Steve Swindall and Graeme Morrison, in Buchanan Galleries on Friday (i know its not technically the West end but, hey). All looking very sexy, esp. Rory ;-) Made my day spotting them! Seemed quite relaxed even though they had a game the following day.
Spotted by Gem on Sun Jan 08

Robert Malcolm aka Spongebob:
In the Crammond Terrace on Hogmanay- suprisingly he was trying to fix his hair?? IS HE FAMOUS ENOUGH FOR THIS SITE?
Spotted by Patsy and Eddie on Wed Jan 04

Ross Ferguson (Laker):
Saw ross outside Bunker last night witha mate. Iwanted to kiss him. Thanks. Yes.
Spotted by Claire on Wed Jan 04

Michael McGlinchey :-D:
We saw the HOTTTT Celtic Reserve (who made his debut on Monday against Livi) Michael McGlinchey at the SECC at the Carnival :D:D
Spotted by Ashleigh, Carla & Amanda on Fri Dec 30

Colin and Justin:
the designers from Tv Walking along Woodlands Road Then the next week in The Beanscene!
Spotted by Louise on Wed Dec 28

Alot of footballers..:
Just read all the sightings of footballers but didn't realise so many ppl r excited about it! I havent been around them since september cos I've changed job n don't go out as much but over the last 2yrs I've been in fernando ricksen's house,neil lennon's,had mo ross over at ours,met petrov(and his gorgeous family),lovenkrands,sutton,shaun maloney,mcgeady,capucho,arteta (who introduced himself as Fernando..) random/ex players like the young brothers,emerson,michael gray,numan,richard gough,dwight york,andy goram for god's sake!! I've met most of them initially in glasgow city centre- cube, tiger tiger, mas and that's how i heard of oran mor- from neil lennon,who had a 'thing' for my brunette sister a while back..she still stays in the west end..but i'm sure they were just friends :)
Spotted by Fran on Thu Dec 22

Stephen McManus:
I saw Stephen McMans with his gf at the Oasis Gig in the SECC last nite !! :D :D
Spotted by Carla, Ashleigh , Amanda & Mar on Fri Dec 16

Daniel Healy:
Paisley Uni with his band Eoscene - they were really good. Check him and the other guys out at I also saw him on Taggart on Friday night - he was really really good. Ang
Spotted by Ang on Sun Dec 11

nacho n rest of the rfc team:
i meet them all outside ibrox on tuesday night. i got ma pics with sexy nacho
Spotted by louise k on Thu Dec 08

star peter lovenkrands , nacho novo.:
hi there . everyone i saw the two players outside ibrox on tuesday night . i got a cuddle from nacho and my picture with goal hero mr peter lovenkrands 26 ,,,, he is so very sexy looking after a game of football.i love him , he is simply the best. so is novo
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Thu Dec 08

That guy in the scottish beef advert. (the one in the kilt).:
saw him in Viper room on Great Western Road, on 11/11/05
Spotted by Andie on Wed Dec 07

That guy in the dentist chair in the Buchanan Galleries advert.:
Do not know his name but that guy who is getting his teeth drilled and screaming for Buchanan Galleries.advert. carrying shopping out of sainsburys in Crow road.
Spotted by Barry Johnstone. on Mon Dec 05

Ronnie osullivan:
The snooker genius playing pool in the partick Tavern in Partick.With some mates all the women were staring at him.
Spotted by John Redford on Mon Dec 05

Elaine C Smith:
In Monsoon on Buchanan Street about 2 months ago, She was with, who i am assuming were her children, looking at clothes
Spotted by Nichola Paisley on Sat Dec 03

Robina Qureshi:
I had to pinch myself but i saw Robina Qureshi at the top of byres road yesterday getting out of her car ... i saw her on telly last week laying in to that moron tom harris mp on the bbc news, she made my tv license worth it, dead watchable and gorgeous at the same time... wish she was on tv more!!
Spotted by jamie7westend on Fri Dec 02

Leonard Nimoy:
I saw Leonard Nimoy in Barratts. He was buying a paper and commenting on the new shop's set up. Can you believe it?? Spock of the devil...
Spotted by Judoir on Fri Nov 25

rick waller & whistlers mother:
rick waller eating double-burger and fries,is that wise? in Stravaigin
Spotted by clyde on Thu Nov 24

craig hill:
in the chippy called fresh to the sea from jack mc phee with his mates on the friday afternoon before his show
Spotted by jackie on Mon Nov 21

martin who was in sweet 16,karen dunbar, michelle mcmannis, chick young:
i meet them all tonight at children in need in the bbc studios, i also saw katie turnstal
Spotted by louise k on Sat Nov 19

Sexy Nacho Novo:
i saw nacho in town today outside an italian restaurant standing beside his car.
Spotted by louise k on Fri Nov 18

shuan maloney:
i met mr shuan malonery today outside celtic park i got his picture and his autograph
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Fri Nov 18

peter lovenkrands:
i saw very sexy mr peter lovenkrands on tuesday at the st enorch;s rangers shop then at tgi fridays. yesterday i met rgreat rangers star- mark hately
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Fri Nov 18

The Chuckle Brothers:
I saw The Chuckle Brothers coming out of the G3 Creative office on Byres Road on Tuesday and going into the supermarket next door, if it wasn?t them it must have been the two directors. I also saw the large lady who plays the shop keeper going into the old church now a fancy restaurant.
Spotted by dave barr on Thu Nov 17

Peter Lovenkrands:
I seen sexy Peter in the Rangers shop in the St Enichs Centre Glasgow signing the new Charity calendar and signing autographs for fans.
Spotted by Michelle Frew on Tue Nov 15

Juan Pablo Di Pace:
Luca from River City in Royal Exchange Square with a shopping bag and then having to walk back in the direction he came from when he got a phone call. The tallest River City cast member I've spotted so far, the rest appear to be on the short side.
Spotted by rock goddess on Sat Nov 12

carol smiley:
I saw carol smilie in BHS in Braehead, my friends met her too
Spotted by ruth on Sat Nov 12

Suzanne Bonnar:
Always in Oran Mor and Byres Road almost every week with an absolutely gorgeous blonde, this must be her friend coz there always together and all you ever see is the 2 of them laughing. Look like there really happy people. Wish one of them would look at me..........MM
Spotted by Michael McClure on Fri Nov 11

dont know his name:
The Tunnel - you know him...the guy who was in River City last week and forced Dilip to take a drink! he's always in The Tunnel..anyone know his name?
Spotted by janey baby on Wed Nov 09

nacho novo.peter f ricksen:
nacho in langs hotel in the city centre, peter in safeway in anniesland, mr f ricksen shopping in cruise and then at tgi fridays
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Tue Nov 08

David Beckham:
spotted in the city inn hotel with a lancefield quay property brochure
Spotted by big al on Mon Nov 07

Nuala Kennedy:
famous flute player from band Fine Friday, supposed vegetarian spotted in burgerking argyle street, eating a burger!
Spotted by on Mon Nov 07

stillian petrov:
Spotted by jordann on Wed Nov 02

peter lovenkrands x nacho novo,:
on the night of 'last saturday night at cune nightclub in the v.i.p no girlfriends just PL,NN.THERE LOOK VERY HOT PL WAS WEARING G,STAR TOP AND VERY TIGH JEANS. NN WAS WEARING A DISEAL SHIRT AND JEANS,
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Tue Nov 01

Colin MacIntyre:
Singer from the Mull Historical Society. Kissing some friends goodbye on corner of Byres Road and Havelock Street on Sunday afternoon (about 3:30pm). The man needs a haircut.
Spotted by WestEndBoy on Mon Oct 31

Tommy Sheridan and Family!!!:
YES! IT IS CORRECT!!!! I had to rub my eyes and pinch myself, but I saw none other than the (disgraced?!?) former leader of the scottish Socialist party, meandering his way down Argyle street, past Primark - with wife and child in baby carrier (his wife wasn't in the baby carrier as well) . I actually wasn't sure it was him at first as after admitting that he was a "tanorexic" he seems to have worked through his addiction and was hardly orange at all - quite unrecognisable.
Spotted by Deedee Cuddihy on Sun Oct 30

Robert Carlyle:
Saw him in Jordanhill whilst I was at uni the other day.... still dont know if it really was him or not but seriously, if it wasnt him, it was a very very very very very good lookalike!!
Spotted by Rachel on Thu Oct 27

steven craig -footballer:
i steven craig with a blonde in exchange square looking cosy.dont no if its his girlfriend
Spotted by shannon on Wed Oct 26

Elaine McChesney, film maker:
Cafe Hula on Saturday night explaining film noir to two hangers on.
Spotted by Paulo Morelos on Sun Oct 23

Alex Salmond:
I saw Alex Salmond (SNP) coming out of the BBC. Not very exciting that, but then neither is the SNP.
Spotted by Michael Olson on Sun Oct 23

Daniel Healy:
I was at open mic in glasgow last monday,and daniel was there singing.Pure guy could'nt remember his words,shame aswell hes usually really spot on.Brill at playing the guitar. OPEN MIC WAS AT NICE N SLEAZYS
Spotted by dave on Fri Oct 14

John Macaulay (Glenn McAllister):
I saw John Macaulay (Glenn McAllister from River City) in Tescos on Maryhill Road on 12th October, looking rather sharp in a Tan coloured leather jacket we shared a silent moment as we both considered the pros and cons of buying Premium Brand Bread.
Spotted by andrew on Thu Oct 13

Tom Hanks:
I could not believe my eyes, I had to cross Dumbarton Road rush ahead and cross back over to pass him again as he passed by the G3 Creative office. It made may day what a fantastic and what an actor. I also saw the actress who plays Scarlett in River City heading into Kelvingrove Park from the Gibson Street end - she?s very small.
Spotted by Bill Humphries on Wed Oct 12

greg hemphill and ford keirnan:
was a few winters ago they were in virgin at the top of buchanan st signing copies of chewing the fat. as i have lived in dundee for a number of years and am well aquainted with the dialect and challenged them both to say the immortal lines... gonna no dae that in dundonian being good sport they had a go ,well greg did but got it wrong when i corrected him he just exclaimed oh ! missed it by a syllable which he did ! he said aye instead of ieahe ( you really have to hear it)
Spotted by elaine kerr on Tue Oct 11

Robbie Coltrane:
Riding in his big, and I mean BIG boxy Cadillac Seville outside Kelvinside Academy.
Spotted by Jim Moore on Fri Oct 07

Gerard Butler:
Gerry Butler (aka the Phantom of the opera)sitting across my table in West End having his dinner. He loves his tatties
Spotted by driller on Fri Sep 30

Maciej Zurawski:
We saw Maceij Zurawski (lookin quite HOT !) walkin down Suchiehall Street yesterday with his gf or wife :D
Spotted by Carla, Ashleigh , Amanda & Mar on Mon Sep 26

Frank Carson:
Shopping on Byres road, sporting a large striped scarf like doctor who.
Spotted by Martin on Sun Sep 25

Carol Smillie:
I saw Carol Smillie with her husband and about 10 kids at the Quay on Saturday 17th - she didn't look very impressed with the fact everyone was staring at her.
Spotted by Mark on Mon Sep 19

nacho novo,peter lovenkrands.trasera and donna,:
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Fri Sep 16

seen the whole rangers team going into my uncles pub (Oran Mor) not too long ago in the night club seen ricksen having a good time and novo dancing about with his fiance! also cousin lives next to thompson and lennon!.
Spotted by James on Fri Sep 16

Daniel Healy:
Saw daniel healy last night in the ABC in glasgow supporting laker. WAS AMAZING !! Cant wait till his next gig!!! check him at
Spotted by dave on Sat Sep 10

daniel healy:
I saw Daniel Healy in the "chip" on Ashton Lane. He was with a little lady. He's got a gig coming up on Friday, i saw that on a poster later on that night.
Spotted by Marmaduke on Thu Sep 08

Mel Gibson:
Hey i saw Mel Gibson outside National Halaal Centre on Woodlands Road. He was waiting for a taxi to pick him as i asked him!!!!.
Spotted by Sukhwinder Singh on Mon Sep 05

Zurab Khizanitvilli (Rangers player):
In answer to Jim Maloneys question asking if he has a wife - no he doesn't, the girl he spotted is just his girlfriend. I know this as he was dating Didier Agathe's present girlfriend Nicole Friello at the beginning of last year. I spotted Zurab waiting outside Il Pavone in Princes Square for his girlfriend to finish work, he was wearing a baseball cap backwards and the worst clothes in the world!!! Money certainly doesn't buy style!!
Spotted by Suzie B on Fri Sep 02

Daniel Healy:
I saw him on Byres rd with a very pretty girl. I heard he has a big part coming up up in Taggart. he's great!!!
Spotted by jojo on Fri Sep 02

peter lovenkrands and nacho novo:
yesterday both at asda at goven then saw pl,at the check out,novo was waiting outside for him
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Tue Aug 30

Rory McCann:
I ALWAYS see Rory McCann (Book Club) around and he frequently sports a ridiculous navy blue beret. Please Rory, desist in these heinous crimes against fashion. Has anyone else spotted the beret?
Spotted by Laura on Mon Aug 22

dean shiels and sammy morrow:
down meadow bank dean shiels with his stunning bird and sammy morrow
Spotted by Mick on Fri Aug 12

Dean Shiels, Derek Riordan,Steven Fletcher n more eh da hibz stunnaz:
omfg i wis @ da shows @ meadow bank n i went tae ma m8 omg is dat sexy dean n sexy derek n steven n more eh da hibz stunnaz n she wi lyk i. i went omfg they r actual stunnin they were goin on da rides.
Spotted by Jen loves Deano on Thu Aug 11

Mark Owen:
In Ashton Lane - small but perfectly formed. I thought I was seeing things. He is lovely and returned my smile. Fair made ma night.
Spotted by on Tue Aug 09

Derek Whyte:
Again....getting into a car accompanied by Mr Falconer, across from Paperinos the day the Scottish masters were playing(whenever that was). I'm certain this guys stalking me, ok then...i hope he is.
Spotted by Cara on Mon Jul 25

Vernon Kay, Tess Daly, and Tim Westwood:
All spotted by me in Ibiza last week! sorry know this is supposed to be about the West end but just thought i would share!
Spotted by lindsay on Mon Jul 25

I saw Rangers player Zurab Khizanitvilli in Georgics George Square with a beautiful auburn female before the end of the season! She was speaking ENglish and Georgian! I dont know if she's his wife or not but I think I saw her yesterday on Great WEstern Rd as a blonde! DOes anyone know if khizanitvilli has a wife ? SHe is gorgeous! Please anyone with info let me know
Spotted by jimmaloney on Sat Jul 23

Boris Becker:
He was in the chip shop at Kelvinbridge in front of me buying a sausage supper
Spotted by nealcameron on Sat Jul 23

Elaine Mchesney:
I saw the fil director and writer Elaine Mchesney in Oran Mor all the time. She always has a gang of people waiting on every word.
Spotted by Sue Hamill on Sat Jul 23

Ford Kiernan & Greg Hemphill:
Holding up the bar in Oranmor last night, sporting very special sideburns !
Spotted by Jane on Thu Jul 21

Snow Patrol:
In the GOAT on Sunday night, it seems to be one of their drinking holes.
Spotted by mike on Tue Jul 19

Billy Boyd:
Spotted the tousel-haired hobbit in the Wee Chip on Sunday July 17 - either he has a portrait in the attic or he's been lying about his DoB in order to get served in pubs, the little LotR minx. Looks about 12 and actually does stand around 3'6".
Spotted by Cara on Tue Jul 19

Derek Whyte:
Shopping in Somerfield last Monday evening.
Spotted by ccaraarielli on Tue Jul 12

Derek Whyte:
Walking along Ashton lane last night with brunette female
Spotted by Sam on Mon Jul 11

Fran Healy:
Eating dinner in ubiquitous chip a week past last monday then he came and had his photo taken with me and my friends as we had graduated that day!!
Spotted by aileen_y on Sun Jul 10

scarlett, jo and the whole River City gang:
Having a terr at the West End Festival Street Party in Gibson Street.
Spotted by gerry g on Wed Jun 29

I am just writeing to say. That i met the classical band G4 on monday night outside the secc glasgow. there are all goodlooking,jon is my favourite. i was at there first show in glasgow there said there wouldred. be here if it was not for use the fan.
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Wed Jun 15

Colin Firth:
Tinderbox 4pm this afternoon.
Spotted by rolo tomassi on Tue Jun 14

ken stott:
came into our store in sauchiehall street on wednesday (i think) hes returning next wednesday or thursday appparently, he looked a lot younger and fresher than he does on screen and was served on the till next to me but omg ! hes lovely
Spotted by english bint on Sun Jun 12

Cas Harkins (River City's Stevie Adams):
Cas Harkins coming out of the 24 hour shop / post office in Byres Road and stopping to give some money to a beggar before heading into the Oran Mor on June 8th / 9th.
Spotted by rock goddess on Sun Jun 12

tommy mcquade:
actor walkon coming out of safeways in byres road buying a big issue with wife and daughter, on june 8th.not well known but should be one day.
Spotted by nealcameron on Sat Jun 11

Neal to be the most famous Glasgow walk-on,extra Glasgow coming out of Safeways in Byres Road with i take it his wife and daughter, then buying a big issue!He has been in loads of scots tv and film.not that recognisable, as he is not that famous..Yet!
Spotted by nealcameron on Sat Jun 11

Steven Thompson/Rangers:
married!! in Shiskine church (Isle of Arran)on friday 10/6/05, lots of other Rangers team members and fans in attendance
Spotted by brian cameron on Thu Jun 09

Aye. especially 'Chelle. Havent laughed so much in ages.
Spotted by Gee Kay on Fri Jun 03

Why do all the female\'s on here telling us they\'ve seen footballers, seem to be as thick as shit ?:
Football Players....
Spotted by Gee Kay on Fri Jun 03

Shaun Maloney:
I saw Shaun Maloney in Asda in Clydebank with another Scotland Under-21's player.
Spotted by Amanda on Thu Jun 02

Spotted by tina on Wed Jun 01

19 April; 5pm; having a meal at Trattoria Trevi, Kelvinbridge, prior to his concert that evening. He recommended it to one of his friends, Lou Reed, who turned up last week.
Spotted by david mackay on Fri May 27

there were?????? mr peter lovenkrands, getting his new hummer h2 waashed on monday night outside his house, nacho novo at asda at govern on sunday night after the celebbrations at ibrox , buying food and lots of drink ,with donna ..
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Tue May 24

Spotted by CHELLE on Mon May 23

alan hutton:
saturday 14th of may i met alan hutton and maurice ross. outside ibrox park in glasgow i got there autographs and , photo of maurice and my picture with alan hutton
Spotted by gillian fiona reilly on Wed May 18

Kirsty Wark:
On the number 66 bus going along Great Western Road! She did her best to try to fit in but she couldnt quite manage it!!
Spotted by Nosey Neighbour on Tue May 10

Anna Ryder Richardson:
Having a snoop around at her house that is currently being renovated. Does that woman ever smile?
Spotted by Nosey Neighbour on Tue May 10

Scarlett - River City:
Or Sally. Crossing Great Western Road. She is tiny. A smashing wee actress.
Spotted by ghengis on Tue May 03

shell jubin:
walking down byers road 2 weeks ago talking on her mobile phone, shes a lot shorter than she looks on tv
Spotted by english bint on Sun May 01

Steven Thompson:
I seen Steven Thompson and his Stunning blonde haired girlfriend walking in the sunshine today before going into Oran Mor at lunchtime where they had a drink and left and walked doen the street hand in hand laughing and joking.
Spotted by Michael on Wed Apr 20

kris kristofferson:
i saw him last year when he was in scotland doing a film with george clooney. he was jogging in kelvingrove park one morning and stopped to talk to my dog. she barked at him she doesnt like older gentleman. shame as i was going to try and fix him up with my mum
Spotted by Suse on Wed Apr 20

Billy Connolly:
In OranMor today catching Play, Pie and Pint - Robbie Coltrane was in the play and lots of luvvies present.
Spotted by Gail on Thu Apr 14

Shaun Maloney:
I saw Shaun Maloney last Sunday night waiting in his black jeep at royal exchange square then a hot brunette got in the car.
Spotted by John on Sat Apr 09

Tommy Coyne:
At the Bellshill Athletic game being a complete twat as usual
Spotted by CPP on Sun Apr 03

Nigel Havers:
In Trader Joes across from the Thearte Royal asking the DJ to turn down as he had just finished doing a show and his head was splitting. Nice. He got his round at the bar wrong (over ordering by one pint). I got to drink it!!! Nothing like the taste of free beer.
Spotted by Ian on Sat Apr 02

My taxi driver was just about to have a blazing row with him till he realised "hes that bloke from River City, the one two timn" i was very amused and very pleased, hes gorgeous......
Spotted by Erin on Fri Apr 01

Harold Bishop:
on great western road eating a pizza! on the 31.3.05 at 15:00
Spotted by wee Stevey on Thu Mar 31

Daniel Bedingfield Stole My Brioche!:
I was enjoying a delightful meal in The Ubiquitous Chip last Friday night, when in walked Daniel Bedingfield and his entourage. We had already finished our starters when they arrived, and they had barely gotten into their main courses by the time we came to order desert. I really fancied the chocolate brioche and was disappointed, five minutes after ordering it, when I was told that they had run out. Little did I know quite how profound my disappointment was to become, when a full forty five minutes later, four chocolate brioches were delivered to the Bedingfield table. I am not having a go at the talentless fat-faced pop star, but rather the "west end institution" that is The Chip. It shows a real lack of class to treat your long standing paying customers as second class citizens in the face of a minor celebrity.
Spotted by Angry from Woodlands on Thu Mar 31

Daniel Beddingfield:
Taking a stroll with a lady-friend in Kelvingrove park this morning.
Spotted by Victoria on Mon Mar 28

Mother and the Addicts:
Just over there, in The Goat, being luvvies!
Spotted by Robert on Thu Mar 24

Joan Rivers:
Tuesday 15th March in Starbucks, Byers Road.
Spotted by PG on Wed Mar 23

Simon Pegg:
Outside Little Italy with a Proleteriart Bag.
Spotted by Charlotte on Wed Mar 23

Derek Riordan:
Saw Derek Riordan and a few of the other hibs players, Sam Morrow, Dean Shiels, Gary O'Connor, Jamie McCluskey and Stephen Fletcher in Harvey Niks with a few hot looking ladies.
Spotted by Jake on Wed Mar 23

Tom Hanks:
I had the dubious pleasure of meeting Tom Hanks in beanscene in the west end... It was very cool. I have his autograph on the back of a beanscene card nailed to a shelf in my room. He's cool... Matt
Spotted by Matt on Mon Mar 21

Lots and lots...:
I've been saving up over the past few months... Stilian Petrov in Safeway Anniesland, Kirsty Wark in TK Maxx on Sauchiehall Street, Carol Smillie in her big people carrier going along Renfrew Street, Shareen Nanjiani walking along Renfrew Street, Stuart Murdoch on Bank Street, Eugene Kelly on Byres Road and the Subway, Gerry Love on Byres Road.
Spotted by Rafa on Tue Mar 15

Stillian Petrov:
When I was in Havey Nichols I spotted Stillian Petrov at the juice bar I went over and asked for his autograph he is a nice guy
Spotted by Kerry on Mon Mar 14

Derek Riddell & William MacIlvanney:
having a few pints in Oran Mor this afternoon
Spotted by Victoria on Sat Mar 12

Bill Gates:
In poundstecher anniesland a year ago, buying 3 bags of cashew nuts
Spotted by derek Rankine on Sun Mar 06

David Hasselhoff:
ayr beach, running (no joke)
Spotted by Timothy Dalton on Sun Mar 06

Ted Danson:
Saw him passed out drunk in Ashton Lane - no joke. Was surrounded by his security team. I heard he is making a film here?
Spotted by Alan Forbes on Fri Mar 04

Seen all the rangers team loads of times, especially ma babe chris burke n just loads of ppl everywhere, i also say PJ n Spencer from last bri brother at Ibrox a few seasons back they were doing rangers half time lottery!theywere so kind:D n met loads of other ppl
Spotted by Mrs_Burke(Claire) on Mon Feb 28

Seen all the rangers team loads of times, especially ma babe chris burke n just loads of ppl everywhere, i also say PJ n Spencer from last bri brother at Ibrox a few seasons back they were doing rangers half time lottery!theywere so kind:D n met loads of other ppl
Spotted by Mrs_Burke(Claire) on Mon Feb 28

MA stunner Chris Burke!:
Sorry I ment to say, seen him hunnerz of times leaving Murray Park and going into Murray park!Ibrox,Glasgow city centre, Trash etc... his biggest fan you know:-p n i have had loads of kisses off him! and for all of yous who dont know this he has NOT got a girlfriend!!!!! Mrs_Burke *****
Spotted by Mrs_Burke(Claire) on Mon Feb 28

MA stunner Chris Burke!:
Say him loads of tims going into and coming out of Murray Park, Glasgow, Ibroz etc... and he has NOT got a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spotted by Mrs_Burke(Claire) on Mon Feb 28

Rory McCann and Uisdean Murray.:
I saw Rory McCann (actor from Alexander and The Book Group) at the Safeways in Byres Rd. He was with a friend who went in to buy a bottle of red wine and he just sat outside, in the car waiting. Looked like he was doing a crossword puzzle or maybe just doodling. Friend dared me to go and chat to him, but chickened out. Regret it now as he's lovely, looks like a young Sean Connery. I saw Uisdean Murray (upcoming Scottish film director) at the Hillhead Underground. He was waiting for someone as he kept looking at his watch and looking down the street. He's taller than I thought and looked really intense. When I passed him I gave him a smile and he smiled back so I suppose he's not that scary.
Spotted by Claire on Thu Feb 24

Rory McCann and Uisdean Murray.:
I saw Rory McCann (actor from Alexander and The Book Group) at the Safeways in Byres Rd. He was with a friend who went in to buy a bottle of red wine and he just sat outside, in the car waiting. Looked like he was doing a crossword puzzle or maybe just doodling. Friend dared me to go and chat to him, but chickened out. Regret it now as he's lovely, looks like a young Sean Connery. I saw Uisdean Murray (upcoming Scottish film director) at the Hillhead Underground. He was waiting for someone as he kept looking at his watch and looking down the street. He's taller than I thought and looked really intense. When I passed him I gave him a smile and he smiled back so I suppose he's not that scary.
Spotted by Claire on Thu Feb 24

Franz Ferdinand:
It was the 8th of January 05. I went to the Winchester Club that Saturday night to see my friend's band playing. And I saw 3 members of Franz Ferdinand ! Alex was dancing and people couldnt help touching him. He was being very nice to all the people talking to him. He is so sexy! Big eyes, wide smile. Very cool and talented guy!
Spotted by Sandra on Thu Feb 10

Ross Wallace:
I seen Ross Wallace the celtic player with his pregnant girlfriend shopping in East Kilbride shopping centre!
Spotted by Dawn on Sat Feb 05

Loads of footballer's:
See Peter Lovenkrands a lot in Frazers. Bob malcolm's cousin lives in my street, therefore see him and his gf often.Also his cousin is the gf of a hibs player so see the likes of Riordan, o'connor,Fletcher and that about a lot.
Spotted by Davie on Wed Feb 02

Barry Ferguson:
seen him shopping in lidls in Pollokshaws this morning
Spotted by keeldrum on Sun Jan 30

Snow Patrol, RHCP, Justin Timberlake, Britney, tonnes of football players.:
Snowpatrol live across from my old school, well a member does, then the others live up near Redlands Terrace. Henri Camara in his Porsche Cayenne outside Cruise, Neil Lennon in the now closed Esso on Great Western Road. My brother goes to school with Alex McLeish's daughter. Martin O'Neill used to live next to a best friend. Justin Timberlake when he stayed in One devonshire, as well as britney spears and red hot chili peppers. Erm Tam Cowan looking too skinny all over the place. Robby Carlyle lives in queensburgh drive, and the boys from chewin' the fat are always in the shop my sister works in. Glasgow is a thriving city, people want to be here.
Spotted by Max on Fri Jan 28

rangers players:
alan mcgreggor, maurice ross, steven hughes, steven thompson, bob malcolm, michael ball anf someone else all in Glasgow City centres ay 5 o'clock on Monday they all went in to Mondo inn Renfield street. Tan x
Spotted by Lana on Tue Jan 25

Arnold Schwarzenneger:
Or maybe a lookalike, I was driving at the time so couldn't really verify. V. distinctive guy and looking very much the tourist, these facts makes me think it was, on the other hand the location makes it seem unlikely,walking past the Barrowlands !!??. Well maybe someone can verify or otherwise ? S.D
Spotted by Steven Daniel on Tue Jan 25

Stephen Thompson/Bob Malcolm:
Rangers players were walking down Ruthven Lane towards Byres Road. Also saw Anna Ryder Richardson the day before and Scarlett from River City the day before that. Some place...
Spotted by David O'Neil on Mon Jan 24

My uncle and I saw Henrik Larsson at Bonnyton Golf Club, Darius Danesh lives beside my friends Gran and I have met him at her house, Carol Smileys Dad and Aidan Mcgeady live near me, so i see Carol and Aidan quite a lot.
Spotted by Scott on Mon Jan 24

Aidan Mcgeady:
The celtic player, Aidan Mcgeady lives down the road from me and i see him occasionaly when im walking home from school, scott
Spotted by Scott on Mon Jan 24

Gerard Kelly:
passing papyrus on byres road this morning looking in a few shop windows
Spotted by andy on Sun Jan 23

robina qureshi with phil cunningham:
in the holiday inn. not the first sighting... she wore red shawl and he played accordion for the celtic connections. she sat with him but was on her mobile a few times texting. He started crying in his beer.
Spotted by jenni on Sun Jan 23

Gavin Rae:
Gavin Rae the rangers player was on byers road with a girl on 19 jan and then the very next day in bucannan gallaries holding hands with a different girl!
Spotted by andrew on Sat Jan 22

She was in Costa Coffee, chatting in Italian on her mobile!!!
Spotted by Darren on Sat Jan 15

Claudio Cannigia:
I quite often see Claudio Cannigia on byres road and his daughter and my little sister are good friends so i have walked my sister to thier house and i got to go in and stay for dinner and get his autograph!
Spotted by Hollly Mason on Sat Jan 15

Jim Craig:
Celtic TV legend, of the famous Ali Begg / Jim Craig double act, and Lisbon Lion, in the UGC Renfield Street with his wife. His flowing silver mane attracted many whispers from the assembled crowd, except from the kids who are unaware of his legendary status. Unfortunately could not discover what film he went to see!
Spotted by looceefir on Sat Jan 15

Peter Lovenkrands, Mcfly and Danny from Mcfly's mum and dad!!!:
I met Peter Lovenkrands because I know his x girlfriend and I met him when I was on workexperience in Newton Mearns outskirts of Glasgow. I met Mcfly outside the armidillo very nice boys and Danny from mcfly's mum and dad and his cousin and his aunt at the armidillo they were really nice and talkative and also caring towards us and mcfly think we are their biggest fans ever!!!!!! its was the best thanks anna xxx
Spotted by Anna Maclean on Fri Jan 14

Aiden McGeady:
Running into cruise from the pouring rain
Spotted by Geraldine on Fri Dec 31

Stevie - river city:
in the club within Oranmor, thought he was somebody that i use to work with, was so embarassed! But he was cool and we were chatting away later, very friendly and approachable
Spotted by v on Fri Dec 24

Chris Burke:
Saw young Burkey in the ever trendy Taylor Ferguson Hair Salon with his girlfriend. Then saw him looking bored in House of Frazer while his girlfriend asked his opinion on every designer handbag in the shop
Spotted by Mick on Tue Dec 21

shell jubin:
was apparently wandering around and shopping in our store on sauchiehall street during the week but i was on my lunch break and didnt see her
Spotted by english bint on Sun Dec 19

Aiden McGeady:
his gf is not called danielle
Spotted by Jeff on Mon Dec 13

saw the little tic starlet in Cruise in Glasgow on Saturday wih his lovely girlfriend buying loads o:
Aiden McGeady
Spotted by Jeff on Mon Dec 13

Daniel Healy:
Boy wae the Stauner from Chewin the Fat. He was also in the last Karen Dunbar show. Coming out of Ruthven Lane on Monday night with Dance Gear on. I also spotted him singing in Nice 'n' Sleazy last Monday night. I hear he's gonna be there next week. Don't miss it he's fab.
Spotted by Ivanna on Fri Dec 10

sandi thom:
she was performing at the Hilton Glasgow, Friday 3rd december, Cash for Kids, charity function, also there, Brian McFadden, Darius, Noise Next Door..Sandi was Fantastic!
Spotted by anne alexander on Tue Dec 07

Shaun Maloney:
I saw Shaun maloney in town, walking up Buchanan street as my sister was talking about how stunning he was!! Just need to spot Aiden MCGeady now and I'll be sorted!!
Spotted by nic on Mon Dec 06

Robert Carlyle:
I saw him coming out of Ashton Lane with wife and child today. He certainly turned a few heads!
Spotted by Lucy Brown on Mon Dec 06

Carol Meade:
Saw Carol Meade, ex Miss Scotland and TV Presenter in Hyndland Road last week going into Jelly Hill. She was looking just as glamorous as ever and very sophisticated. Remeber watching her on Battle of the Comics and Come Dancing. Gave her a wave and a smile and she smiled back and seemed very friendly.
Spotted by Terry on Fri Dec 03

a few so far:
we saw ford kiernan a few months back walking past safeway in dumbarton road, then into the blockbusters and the bike shop next door, we watched him through the window he dint look in a very good mood, greg hemphill leaving a shop further up dumbarton road more recently, he looked a bit scruffy but smiled at me due to my staring, we often see peter mullan walking around town usually looking at the sky for some reason, i sat next to him once in the horseshoe bar before i knew who he was just over 2 years ago, my boyfriend told me afterwards, i love him and his work these days and i wish i had that opportunity again, despite seeing him since im too chicken to approach him :o(
Spotted by english bint on Wed Dec 01

Kelly Marie - River City:
At the Cafe in Broomhill shopping centre with her boyfriend, being bugged by fans on Saturday 20/11/04
Spotted by Emma Dryburgh on Sat Nov 20

Sandi Thom:
In the Metropolitan Bar, Friday 5th November, Sandi was voted last week by the daily record as being No 4 out of 100 female celebritys to look out for in 2005, she is a singer songwriter, single due out in January
Spotted by josie riley on Thu Nov 11

gregor fisher:
at about 11am today on byres road looking fit and healthy and not a bit like ''rab c'' !
Spotted by andy on Sun Nov 07

Aiden McGeady:
I spotted Aiden on Great Western Road going into Richardson Murray the beauty salon holding his girlfriend Danielles hand. I knew she was called Danielle because she had a four fingered silver ring saying Danielle... who'da thought. They looked like a lovley couple but next time Aiden make sure you bring sexy BoBo ;)
Spotted by Julie on Tue Nov 02

John Hannah:
Also saw John in his cosy woolly hat, walking from Park Circus into Kelvingrove Park on nthe 1st - he was with a woman and a baby in a pram. As well as the hat, he also sported some v. trendy gold rimmed enormous shades. Nice work John!
Spotted by Zena on Tue Nov 02

John Hanna:
Walking down Suchiehall Street yesterday towards Charing Cross John Hanna wearing a tea cosy wooly hat and an attractive female passed me by, i quickly ran up Hill Street and went back on myself to Sauchiehall Street to double check and yip it was him.
Spotted by craig mcleish on Fri Oct 29

Peter Lovernkrand:
In the House of Frazer sale with his girlfriend.
Spotted by Michelle on Mon Oct 18

in paisley gilmour st train station boarding a train to glasgow.:
Derek from river city
Spotted by Michelle on Mon Oct 18

Claudio canniggia:
Going into Safeway with his kid
Spotted by Jason Cole on Tue Oct 12

Vader from River City:
Saw Vader from River City in Ashton Lane, with 3 girls chattinghim up.
Spotted by Laura Rennie on Tue Oct 05

Shell Big Brother:
She was walking down Byres Road with Batface, he boyfriend.
Spotted by Laura Rennie on Tue Oct 05

robina quereshi/phil cunningham:
spotted robina qureshi - again! - with phil cunningham from the hogmany show in the oran mor on sunday night 26 sept. up close and personal or what... she was looking hot, a groovy dresser, he was looking the worse for wear in a parka jacket.. they left together. wow!!
Spotted by andy on Fri Oct 01

Billy Boyd:
saw him and a friend walking past the main gate of glasgow uni towards byres road as I was walking up...they moved slightly for us and billy looked at me as I looked at him and I thought "do I know him?" when i realised I was a happy little hobbit :p he was smiling and looked cheery.
Spotted by Julie on Thu Sep 30

Tommy Sheridan:
Getting on the underground at buchanan street, reading a copy of the evening times, and holding a Scottish Socialist bag.
Spotted by C. riley on Thu Sep 23

elaine c smith:
spotted today passing corner of byres road and great western road ........probably been to BBC studio's ?
Spotted by andy on Thu Sep 23

Rory McCann:
Found this site by accident and have been enjoying reading all the messages. Don't live in Glasgow but just wanted to clear something up ..... the "Book Club" and "Scott's Porridge Oats" guy is called RORY McCANN.
Spotted by Sue on Thu Sep 23

Jim Breath:
Byres Road....looking out for lino
Spotted by william trip on Thu Sep 16

Shel from Big Brother:
Holding hands with her boyfriend at the top of byres rd. He went to go the other way but she yanked him back in toe with her. She looks like she is definitely in charge! Must be weird for her knowing everyone is watching her!
Spotted by Amy Rafferty on Wed Sep 08

Robert Carlyle/Andy CAmeron:
Saw the former coming out of side street onto Hyndland Rd (across from the Tennis Club) with small child on back - Sun. 29th AUg. Latter outside Western - corner of Church St and Byres Rd 27th Aug.
Spotted by Rick on Wed Sep 01

Aiden McGeady:
The little village of Netherlee kissing his girlfriend before they both climbed into his car
Spotted by leah on Tue Aug 31

Su Pollard:
Sitting down to brunch in The Loft on Sunday with two luvvies.
Spotted by Hi-de-Hi Campers on Tue Aug 31

Dave Anderson:
enjoying a pint in the wee Chip. My, what a shiny head he has.
Spotted by 100% kitten on Tue Aug 24

Greg Hemphill:
spotted today out with family passing by safeway byres road. it was nice to see people just saying a quick hello rather than hounding him !
Spotted by andy on Thu Aug 19

Shel - Big Brother:
Saw Shel from Big Brother walking down Byres Road on Sunday morning, wearing knee high stiletto boots and a mini skirt, certainly drawing attention to herself!
Spotted by Lindsay on Mon Aug 16

Mother and the addicts:
hi pat , saw the key board player from mother`s in twisted generation buying some t-shirts they where great in the park and now i know were he got that cool pink t-shirt!
Spotted by David on Thu Aug 12

David Dickinson (Bargain Hunt):
On Saturday 7th August 2004 in Kelvinbridge along from the Subway station. He was chatting to a group of people. I overheard 2 cute guys working in the Fruit/veg shop mentioning his name then I walked right past him. He really does have an orange face!!!!!!
Spotted by Charlene on Mon Aug 09

Phil Kay / Drummer from Travis:
sweating it out in OPTIMO at the sub club on his own of all places! crazy crazy guy, no joke! also see him pushing his bike up and down gibson street on a bit of a regular basis. Drummer from Travis drinking in Brel one afternoon with another guy (no it wasn't Fran!)
Spotted by Rhea Stuart on Mon Aug 09

Craig Beattie:
Hi Pat. I saw Craig Beattie, Celtic's star man in this summer's tour of US. He was crossing Byres Rd, heading into Ashton Lane. No doubt going to meet the rest of the team for a pint-which is why they performed so poorly. Only joking, you know I love them! A Vendi
Spotted by Anthony Venditozzi on Mon Aug 02

Craig Beattie:
Hi Pat. I saw Craig Beattie, Celtic's star man in this summer's tour of US. He was crossing Byres Rd, heading into Ashton Lane. No doubt going to meet the rest of the team for a pint-which is why they performed so poorly. Only joking, you know I love them! A Vendi
Spotted by Anthony Venditozzi on Mon Aug 02

Gary Wilmot:
Can you imagine my surpise the other day when walking down the Great Western Road who did i see but none other than one of my favourite comedians of all time.......Gareth Wilmot!!! I eventually got up the courage to approach him and said in my best West end accent! "Gareth, how about an autograph?" to which to my eternal shock and horror, Gareth said "Beat it ya wee ginger dobber!!" Talk about celebrity going to your head!! Alan
Spotted by Alan McGlexon on Wed Jul 28

Jonny Bagpipes:
While sipping a cool libation in the Old Cottier Theatre, it was with astonishment that I turned around to see no-one else but our long lost friend Jonny Bagpipes enter after a 6 month sabbatical taking in the world's sights and sounds. He certainly looked content, as if the trip had opened his eyes, enabling him to enter into an improved mind-set of serenity and other worldliness. However, his trip appeared to have had a detrimental effect on his appearance as he looked like a hybrid of Chevvy Chase and the Hulk with an extended haircut commonly referred to in North America as the mullet. Welcome back Jonny !!!!
Spotted by edmundanderson on Wed Jul 28

Mother & the Addicts:
I saw the guitar player from the group "Mother & the Addicts" who played in the Botanics along with Belle & Sebastien. He was with a blonde female and an older woman in Oran Mor. He looks really nice and love his music. The group were great. Where can I see them again?? Anyone know?
Spotted by JudeM on Sat Jul 24

Mad mental Dot:
Saw him in the doorway of jintys with his well known fellow man of Glasgow business high jinx,,,,,,Rusty..and their old mate Jinty
Spotted by maddott on Tue Jul 20

David hughes:
Saw that old thespian from the early 80s in little italy enjoying some quirkey Italian cheese and Parma
Spotted by dot on Mon Jul 19

Justin & Colin:
Justin & Colin from Million Pound Property Experiment looking very cool and trendy in new Beanscene in Woodlands Road yesterday lunchtime.
Spotted by Jane on Wed Jul 14

Jenny Falconer !:
Jenny Falconer & the guy who plays Shane the gay hairdresser in Cutting It in Oranmor on Friday night - very nice people too !
Spotted by Beckilly on Mon Jul 05

Teenage Fanclub, Del Amitri:
I always see members of both Teenage Fanclub and Del Amitri wandering the streets of the west end, also Andy from Del Amitri and Finlay from Teenage Fanclub were both at the Belle and Sebastian gig last weekend
Spotted by Kaye on Sun Jun 20

Carole Smillie:
In TKMaxx on Sauchiehall Street, Carole and I made lingering eye contact. Our shared interest in cheap designer wear made an instant impact and the sexually-charged electricity between us was incredibly powerful. She walked away: hurriedly but obviously reluctantly.
Spotted by Fergie on Thu Jun 17

phil kay:
I see Phil Kay all the time on woodlands road, same curly hair, intense gaze... gangly and good looking
Spotted by johno on Mon Jun 14

to jim re: phil cunningham:
jim, the girl with phil cunningham was robina qureshi i saw them in safeway a couple of times where i work a couple of times and she stops to speak to jon the homeless guy, they seemed close.. :-)
Spotted by rhona on Mon Jun 14

10th of june, WeeCurryShop, AstonLane! She just sat there eating with some friends! Cool
Spotted by Norm on Mon Jun 14

David Soul ? Cameron Big brother:
David Sould was drinking in Jintys a week ago Thursday and when asked he got up to sing with Karl Byrne the musician to the delight of all also yesterday Cameron from Big Brother outside Jintys Ashton lane
Spotted by Jinty Lynch on Sun Jun 13

Book Group Guy:
I have to join the club of people who have seen this guy. I was enjoying my tea in "The Wee Curry Shop" in Ashton Lane, when he walked in with a lady friend. He smiled at me when I left which was cool.
Spotted by Katy on Fri Jun 11

joos valgereen:
i saw joos in botanic gardens with his wife and child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spotted by cara day on Thu Jun 03

bobo balde:
bobo balde i saw bobo at the petrol garage in maryhill .he had a big silver jeep and he was bigger than it. he had neil lennon in the back. my dads friend is neil lennon. i went over 6to them and got both there autographs.later on that day i saw henrik larsson in buchanan galleries i gooot his autograph aswell
Spotted by cara irvine on Thu Jun 03

will young:
i saw will young going into the concert hall. my dad works in there. i got to meet will in his very own dressing room. i got his autograph and i also got a kiss from him. he was so nice. i love him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spotted by cara irvine on Thu Jun 03

Alex McLeish:
I spotted Alex McLeish (Rangers Manager) going into the Co-Op on Great Western Road in Knightswood. He was with another man who sat inside the car while he popped into the shop.
Spotted by Peter Kelso on Thu Jun 03

I always see all them about.:
Neil Lennon/Jim Maine/Ford Kiernan/David Hayman
Spotted by Meee on Wed Jun 02

also the Scott's porridge oats / book group guy, one of the hobbits from LoTR:
Book Group Guy: shopping in Safeway Byres Road. he is surprisingly tall. Hobbit dude: walking towards us down Byres Road past the Bank of Scotland.
Spotted by Jess on Fri May 28

Robert Carlyle:
I work in Safeway, and he was in there shopping one evening with his wife/girlfriend and little child in a pram. :)
Spotted by Jess on Fri May 28

Phil Kay loads, because he stays upstairs from my boyfriend In Baliol Street, Greg Hemphill [he's a friend of a friend - so does that count?? plus, he only has one kid! wee Benny! whom Tracy loves, even though she's in Oz]. The Porridge Oats dude - luvverly! Ricky Ross in Borders - does that count? Shareen Nanjiani...that how you spell her name? she's in my mates theatre group [pantheon if anyone wants to know], Muriel Grey, as her production studio is doenstairs from my office, Phil Cunningham at glasgow airport, changing money when I got back from new york...that's about all at the moment!!!
Spotted by fiona8 on Sun May 23

Scott's porrige oats / book club guy:
Saw him watching the pipers down at kelvingrove park last sunday. He seems very loved up with his companion who he couldnt keep his hands off! they make a handsome couple.
Spotted by Amy Rafferty on Thu May 20

steven fyfe:
im sure i saw STEVEN FYFE walking down bures road on friday the 15th of may 2004 . he is knowen world wide for his outspoken veis on world issues etc. and is allways tollerent of everyones point of veiw. he went into the estate agents and maybe moving to the area
Spotted by ronnie woodwind on Mon May 17

fernando ricksen:
Fernando Ricksen lives near Great Western Road, where he occassionaly orders pizzas. My flatmate, a pizza delivery boy, went to his house, where he was handed a 20 pound note by Ricksen. The pizza cost 15 pounds. Thinking his luck was in and that he'd got a fiver tip, my flatmate VEERRRRY slowly pretended to be looking for Ricksen's change, in the hope he would just tell him to keep the money. Indeed, Ricksen waited until my flatmate had taken out the relevant change, handed it to Ricksen, where Fernando proceeded to give him a 1 pound tip. He's obviously been in Scotland too long.
Spotted by lee on Wed May 12

Tam Cowan:
Again in the thornton's shop he loves sweets!
Spotted by Jonathan on Mon May 10

Phil Cunningham:
The other week i spotted Phil Cunningham from the hogmanay show in Byres Road with this beautiful Asian girl and i saw him with the same girl again in the Chip pub. he was patting someone's dog and she was kneeling beside him with her hand on his knee. Lucky guy!
Spotted by Jim on Sat May 08

scott's porridge oats man, keira knightley:
OOh just found this site, thought id join in. I see scotts porridge oats man all the time (he is v fit, except for when he is wearing a strange beret. I also saw him in a certain west end restaurant where my drunken friend shouted 'he's over there' and pointed at him! Saw keira knightley in beanscene looking v skinny and pale, someone give that girl a sandwich, she looks like she needs it!
Spotted by Helen on Sat May 08

Raymond Pratt:
The other day I was walking along Byres Rd when I saw a minor celebrity. The funny thing is I don't think he realised that he was about to be discovered or indeed recognised. He at first tried shyly to turn away from all the attention, but on realising that this didn't work, smiled and quickly hurried away. He usually drinks in Bonhams in Byres Rd on Friday nights
Spotted by Raymond on Sat May 01

Stewart Murdoch:
Can't get away from him. Not only do I see him on Byres Rd, in Tinderbox and in the Woodside all the time, he did a great injustice and turned up at my flatmates birthday party the other week. Quite odd that someone even vaguely famous has nothing better to do on a Friday night than turn up randomly at rubbish student parties, but there you have it.
Spotted by Lisa Melvin on Fri Apr 30

Rotry McCann:
I saw Rotry McCann (Kenny from the Book Group) jogging up Cecil St in December. He looked like he was late, also, despite being gorgeous, he looked very very tired.
Spotted by Lisa Melvin on Fri Apr 30

Peter Lovenkrands:
Peter Lovenkrands from Rangers FC comes into McDonalds on Great Western Road, Knightswood every Sunday Night for his food. He comes through the Drive-Thru in his BMW 4x4 regi plate number D000 5
Spotted by McDonalds Employee on Fri Apr 30

I spotted Paddy from River City shopping in B&Q Annielsand the other day. Good to see he still does a spot of DIY!
Spotted by James on Fri Apr 30

Harrison Ford:
I swear i saw Harrison Ford a few weeks ago walking down Great George Street in front of the Sentry Box. I did a double take but did I say anything to him....aye right!
Spotted by laura on Thu Apr 29

greg hemphill and ford kiernan:
on byres road heading towards bbc studios , looking very cool in sunglasses ! maybe they are doing work just now on a new series ''chewin the fat'' or ''still game'' just now ?
Spotted by andy on Wed Apr 21

Robina Qureshi:
I saw Robina Qureshi being filmed on Byres Road three weeks ago. Gorgeous or what?
Spotted by Brian on Wed Mar 31

Shereen Nanjiani:
My favourite newsreder - often on Byres Road and always looking great.
Spotted by Bryan on Tue Mar 16

Tam Cowan:
Outside the Oxfam shop clutching a bulging Thorntons bag...draw your own conclusions!
Spotted by Jonathan Millar on Wed Mar 10

River City duo:
Alrite so it's not the West End but I thought I'd continue the River City theme. Brian (the ginger nutter) and Vadar (the homeless one) displaying some disturbing moves on the dancefloor in Trash last Tuesday.
Spotted by Lisa on Tue Mar 09

River City postie:
Gay postie from River City walking along Hyndland Road a couple of weeks back, didn't look too happy. Also saw Scarlett and the posties boyfriend in Little Italy on Byres Road - they seemed to be fairly intimate! Shellsuit Bob was on the tube the other day, got off at Buchanan St then ran off up the steps out of sight. It's great to see so many minor celebrities but where are the proper ones hiding out?!
Spotted by fiona on Sun Feb 29

Ginger tec:
Spotted on Great Western Road with his earphones in - the red haired detective from Taggart.
Spotted by Georgie on Sun Feb 22

Matt goss:
Trying to hide under a red baseball cap walking up Great western rd across from clatty pats! wouldn`t have recognised him myself but my eagle eyed friend spotted it was him. Apparently recording his new solo album in Glasgow because thats where the best studios are??? ahem, oh please no.10/02/04
Spotted by Mark on Fri Feb 13

Jim Kerr and the Daily Record's Razz Girls:
Jim Kerr, outside Ca Va studios in Derby Street, where Simple Minds are recording their 13th album. The two Razz Girls were attempting to get their photo taken with Jim for the Record (they're always having their photos taken with celebs for the Record). Jim, laughingly: "I only ever do this with Billy Sloan - mind you, he's not as good-looking as either of you.'" The photo didn't get taken
Spotted by david belcher on Tue Feb 10

Robert Carlyle:
Saw him coming out of Tinderbox in Byres Road a couple of weeks ago. He was laughing with his wee girl who he was carrying and looked gorgeous in an understated kind of way.
Spotted by Sarah Smith on Tue Feb 10

Chris Dolan:
Spotted Chris Dolan having a conversation with Pat (of this web site) on Byres Road. Just outside the library. Chris is a west end gem and a wonderful writer.
Spotted by Frankie on Sat Feb 07

elaine c smith:
just like to say that the person who said elaine c smith seemed full of her self is so wrong. elaine is a lovely person who is often in town doing her shopping, however i am sure if she was to take the time to talk (and every1 knows how she loves to do that) to every1 who recgonised her she would hav no time to shop. Elaine also takes the time to go to events in her daughters school which is more than some parents do.
Spotted by clare on Fri Feb 06

walter smith:
smith was spotted leaving crusie in glasgow with 2 suit bags. it was pouring with rain and he was wearing a long black coat.
Spotted by clare on Fri Feb 06

Ronald De Boer & Mikkel Arteta:
Ubiquitous Chip. They are on Ashton Lane a Fair bit and you see Arteta zooming around in his Porsche all the time. You know its him coming due to the spanish number plate.
Spotted by Bob on Mon Jan 19

donnie munro:
one i just remembered from last june , it was bizarre at the time i can tell you ! donnie munro ( runrig and MP ) in front of me in queue in safeway buying a chicken pot noodle , very rock 'n ' roll ! lol !
Spotted by andy on Mon Jan 19

many !!!!!:
At last i've found somewhere to post celeb's i've seen ! here's the regulars : jimmy mcgregor rory ? ( actor from ''the book club and porridge advert ) nigel and steph from ''vids'' dave anderson elaine c smith anette cosbie ( well disguised !) billy connelly ( with walking stick leaving devonshire gardens ) billy boyd from lord of the rings fame buying a soft drink from mccolls newsagent and trying to escape getting recognised !( he had a windsurfer on his car roof rack , so i suspect he was heading down the coast to helensburgh ? )
Spotted by andy on Mon Jan 19

Daniella Nardini:
In Air Organic, the most wonderful restaurant I've just discovered in Kelvingrove Street; she had a stunning black dress on and I wanted to tell her how excellent I thought she was in that play but obviously I didn't...
Spotted by Helen on Fri Jan 16

Ian Muir (golfer):
he was in bonhams having lunch with his two lovely daughters. what a guy!!!!
Spotted by Hannah on Thu Jan 15

River City Gang:
Happy to see the River City cast - everywhere I turn in the West End. I don't know all their names but the gay IT guy, the ice cream lady and the wee grannie can be seen regularly on Byres Road and I've also spotted the very glamourous murderess with a big grin on her face - worth the watching.
Spotted by Greg on Sat Jan 03

Matthew Perry:
I was in Beanscene the other day and couldnt believe my eyes when I saw Matthew Perry (aka Chandler Bing from Friends) lounging on one of the sofas with a cappucino! He was on his own, strangely enough no one else seemed to have recognised him. He's much taller than he looks on TV!
Spotted by Yohanna on Sun Dec 21

Peter Mullan:
I was saw Peter Mullin being interviewed and photographed in the restaurant of the Tron Theatre a couple of weeks ago. Despite having a camera lens constantly trained on him, he seemed relaxed and happy to chat.
Spotted by Jim Byrne on Sun Dec 21

Even more celebrity sightings!