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Glasgow West End: Pat's Guide ( Home)

Pats Guide: Out and About in the West End of Glasgow

There is so much to do in the West End that if you are a visitor you will never be stuck for ideas about where to visit, where to eat or where to shop. Within walking distance you have everything from the Botanic Gardens to the Grosvenor Film Theatre.

If you want shops shops and more shops there is plenty for you - if you want culture there are numerous highlights; the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Transport Museum, The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, the historic buildings and treasures of Glasgow University.

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can anyone help out 3 hard working architecture students by sending us a copy of the ground plans for kibbles palace? or any other leaflets on kibbles palce, botanical gardens. any information would be deeply appreciated. thank you.
--veena ( ) from england on Thu, Mar 8, 2001

Interesting URL, enjoyed the look around.

Thank You for sharing your love of GLASGOW
--Thomas ( ) from Currently US on Wed, Aug 16, 2000

What about the pubs?
--Laura ( ) from Scotland on Wed, Aug 9, 2000

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