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Christmas Gift Giving provides a perfect opportunity to  improve  relationships and gently nudge (or in some cases – downright shove) your man towards New Improved Habits.

Here’s how to buy your man a Christmas Gift that you'll love

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Fancy Springtime in Paris?

Thinking it’s been ages since you spent some quality time together? Snap up a couple of cheap flights, sellotape the confirmation email around a bottle champagne –  to be consumed on Christmas night – and hey presto, you’ve just arranged yourself a city break. He can organise the hotel.

Or a Dirty Weekend

Check out those January dealst in that fancy schmancy hotel you read about. It's  the perfect month for a weekend escape

Like the sound of a regular date night?

Sponsor a seat for him in your nearest independent cinema or theatre and promise to take him on a date night everyr month for the next year. Or if that’s all a bit pricey, get a Firestick, a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime and phone in a curry. 


Is he a workaholic or boring?

Give him a hobby for Christmas.   Buy some planters and bulbs or the latest Jamie Oliver cookbook  Or any How-To book… Hang Wallpaper. Appreciate Wine...

Does it feel like you never do anything fun together? Now’s your chance to remedy that… book a course to learn something you’ll both enjoy Sailing. Salsa. Skiing.

Is he piling on the pounds?

Get him a Fitbit or a gym membership and some nice new trainers


Is he looking unkempt?

Is his hair a mess?  Has he grown a beard (who hasn’t) and it’s starting to look sorta… Z Z Top-ish?   Buyt him with  a Beard Grooming Kit or treat him to a Men’s Grooming Sessions at  a local salon.

Are the Fashion Police On His Tail?

He’s not still wearing that maroon, nipped-in-the-waist leather jacket is he!  Hide it in the back of the wardrobe and buy him a natty new one from Reiss.

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