I saw u in: Glasgow West End

I saw u in: Glasgow West End | replies

We had Politics classes together at Glasgow University, three years ago now (Politics 1A and 1B - 2008/9); you would sit alone, in the middle tier of seats, at or near the front of the lecture (the very bottom of the theatre) - I, too, would sit there, but not for any educational advantage or lack of other seating! You would use (on at least one occasion that I noticed) different coloured pens when taking notes - I was amazed! And you were always punctual - me, usually late, and doubtless annoying as I, unfazed, made my way down from the back of the hall, past the rows to the very bottom, just to sit in sight of you. I thought our eyes met, unoriginally but often. And while this is the longest of shots, consider it the desperate act of a man who wishes, more than you could ever know, that he had sat beside you three years ago, and asked your name? Posted on Monday 23 Jan 2012

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