I saw u in: Glasgow West End

I saw u in: Glasgow West End | replies

I Danced with you in the Gargage Night Club Glasgow one night 2005-2006. I was tall 6'1 wearing a grey hoodie & blue jeans you where shorter brunnete & georgous waering a silky top. I could'nt keep my hands off you. I was brushing them accross your tits & down in between your legs. I thought I was in trouble then I fealt you grab my balls. We continued to dance it was hot & sexy, you where hot & sexy. We where so busy heating up the dance floor we did'nt even talk. I was there with mu cousin a shorted guy, you where where there with a girl friend who did'nt look to happy. I was time to leave the club. I was standing with my cousin & you with your girl friend. When I went to speak nothing would come out, I could only look at you in awe of how beautiful you where. I knew my cousin had to leave & since know words where shared I left never to see you again. I have been thinking about you all day today, I am now back in Canada where I was from. If you ever see this I just want you to know I had a great time that night, you where beautifull. Would luv to here from you. Posted on Monday 13 Sep 2010

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