I saw u in: Glasgow West End

I saw u in: Glasgow West End | replies

Hi people, i am really hoping that some 1 can help me put here.. I am from Ireland, Dublin..I went to Glasgow central on friday 30th of May.. I was staying in Jurys Inn Hotel on jamacia street. I went out friday night, when i was on my way home i got chatting to a guy sitting on the steps of a building..He small in height, bald head, light brown eyes, nice teeth, i dont no his name. We spoke a long time im sure he told me his name but i was a little to drunk 2 remember. We talked for at least 1 & a half hours, my friend was with me. My name is Tracey & my friends name is Mary. This guy was sitting drinking a can of Iron Bru, he was on his own. He told me that he has two children age 10 & 6 and that his wife died one year ago. I had to leave i was to cold & he got a taxi. I dont even no the name of the street we were sitting on but it was down the road from a Gay Bar & there was a Taxi rank across the road.Im hoping some 1 can help me.. i no i dont have much information but i think i just let the man of my dreams walk away.. Thanks for all replys.. Posted on Monday 2 Jun 2008

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