I saw u in: Glasgow West End

I saw u in: Glasgow West End | replies

the girls of beanscene cresswell lane ....... how gorgeous????! Posted on Monday 28 Jun 2004


julie it is, and hell yes she is a pussy cat. tried to drunkenly chat her up in brel one night with no avail (she was very nice about it though). seems she has a small fan base in the west end, including myself and the entirety of my work force. looked like a couple of the brel guys had their eye on her as well.

monkeyboy | Tue Aug 31 2004

I'm besotted by the feline one, her name's julie or julia i think . She's so so stunning. Definetely resembles a cat though, in the most beautiful way.

andykelvin | Mon Aug 09 2004

I concur, especially the one that looks a bit feline

jaboinkin | Wed Jul 14 2004

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