I saw u in: Glasgow West End

I saw u in: Glasgow West End | replies

1st time about 7 yrs ago in hubbards;I was on my own waiting for friends. 2nd, 2003 at G.O.T.; when I walked-in you were standing under a spotlight & I couldn't believe you were there. 3rd, 8.30am (going to work? G.A.?)crossing at the lolipop man. I thought you gave me a fleeting 2nd look as I gave him a big smile and a big "thankyou" Other places: Bar 91 around the same time; you were there with girlfriends, I was with my friend simon & had on an unflattering cream poloneck but I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Boots on Byres rd but you disappeared before I could get a 2nd glance. Around the same time (and I was a complete mess, having being running for about an hour wearing my old "trackies" and no make-up) on the tube to St.Enoch's square, and boy did I cringe at myself that day. Who reads these? Anyway, I've never forgotten you and wonder just maybe you know who I am, just maybe... Posted on Saturday 20 Jan 2007

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