Photography Gallery: Glasgow West End: Jim's Diary

Jim's Glasgow West End Phography Diary.


i grew up in maryhill and i am along time gone.been home a few i go on sites and newspapers and i am jealous of the present denizens of have so much more culture and advantages than we had in the war years.more cars on the road more travel abroad also more food choices. i live in the usa and i love when i see glasgow in the news for its modernisation . my only bad dreams are about the wet dreary sundays i had to endure as a boy being forced to go to church ,shops closed and pavement pizzas everywhere. thanks to the computer and the great pictures i relive the good parts of my youth.keep them coming.

FRANK Hackett | Sat Nov 19 2011

Those photographs are a real feast for the eyes and Jim has really been able to capture the true essence of the pictures that he has taken of some of the most beautiful buildings in Glasgow!! I was on a holiday there a couple of years ago and staying with friends who took me around to most of the places there and I am proud to say that I?ve been to all the places shown here!!

San Jose | Wed Jul 13 2011

I love Scotland and of course beautiful Glasgow. I can't wait to visit it again next summer.

Visagistin D?sseldorf | Sat Jun 18 2011

As a visitor to the Scottish, I find it not a real viewing of weathers here. All the photos are of a sunny time and this is not what I am seeing. Perhaps some dull? also

Graham Gillanders | Fri Feb 18 2011

i am looking for 18th century Wallclocks photographs could any one tell me?

Wanduhren | Mon Nov 08 2010

Dear Jim, I found your site by googleing "Glasgow in my heart" and i find your photographs simply beautiful. I left France 8 months ago and at the time everyone was warning me: Glasgow is dirty, industrial, sad and grey but I knew it was a city shaped for me. Anniesland's canal is just up the road and I am going every week just for the pleasure of a quiet promenade. Rain or shine I can walk along the streets of Glasgow with a wee bit of music in my ears and I feel so happy, so smily. I like your music as well. I thought J.Cash, I thought Elliott Murphy, I will come to one of the gigs to come. Thanks, L

L | Mon Jan 12 2009

Jim I have been most impressed with your Scottish pictures, and with your generosity in allowing non-commercial use. I have used some of those pictures in a family history newsletter, with appropriate credit to you and to this site. I would be happy to send you a copy so that you can see how they have been used. If you are interested to see this, just drop me a line with an email address. Thanks Sarah

Sarah Galbraith | Thu Dec 18 2008

Hi, I am looking for photographs of the Edminston Drive part of Ibrox from the 1920's or lit up at night - can you help at all? Many thanks.

Natasha Lamont | Wed Nov 21 2007

I am going toas holiday to come west Glasgow so I need the beautiful gelary picture thank you for your time

Hirsi | Sat Mar 31 2007

hello do you have any photographes of the annual taxis outing to Ttroon

Peter McMahon | Sat Mar 17 2007

Hi My husband was born in the Gorbals in 1956 and lived on Florence Street. We have been back to the Gorbals recently to see all the changes and it is quite dramatic but for his birthday this year I would very much like to give him a photographic memory of the Gorbals in 1956 and am trying to obtains a source of photos from this period - are you able to help me out with this please?

Lisa Graham | Mon Nov 06 2006

Hi Jim. I currently live in California where I am studying photography. I love Scotland, and Glasgow in particular. I lived there for a bit two years ago, and will be returning for two months in order to shoot to build my portfolio. I'm doing research online regarding Scotland and Glasgow, but finding a lot of touristy information. Finding your site was really refreshing. I'm interested in shooting festivals and other forms of low-light photography while I am there. I was wondering if you could possibly make some suggestions as to any winter festivals you know of, other than Hogmanay and the Up Helly Aa. Also, could you provide me with any tips you might have for remote areas and/or buildings I should explore in Glasgow? Thank you, Raychel.

Raychel | Tue Oct 03 2006

Glasgow is a city through my life. Left the city two years ago, but every drop of my miss and every beat of my heart are left there.your photos are great!very impressive!

Alice L | Fri Aug 05 2005

Thank you very much for the info I was looking for, and Greetings from Malaga-Spain Antonio

Malaga | Fri Apr 15 2005

I fell in love with Scotland, particulary Glasgow and the West End, during the course of several visits there in 2003. Although it is now two years on, I find that I still yearn to be back in Glasgow. Your pictures provided me with many wonderful mental revisits to one of the loveliest places on earth!

Chris Granger | Tue Apr 12 2005

Terrific photographs Jim !! Looking through them saddened me somewhat....... guess you can take the boy out of Glasgow but never Glasgow out of the boy. Left Knightswood in 1975 for Ottawa, Ontario and still miss the auld place. Thanks for the memories. James Dalziel

Kuda of Siberia | Sun Oct 10 2004

hello Pat and Jim well done on your picture taking it has made my day to see the big ship i hope to visit it soon bye bye Pat and Jim Jon

Jon | Fri Aug 13 2004

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