Finding Student Rental flats in Glasgow West End

Photo: Glasgow University. Many beautiful flats within walking distance of Glasgow University are available and affordable for students of the university. Hillhead, for example ? which is as close to the University as you can get - has the highest number of flats to let in Glasgow. Flats range from fully furnished single rooms to full flats and houses that you can share with two or more students and save some money.

Finding a suitable flat

Finding the student flats however, can be a challenge if they are not advertised in the papers or on the Internet. It can complicate things if you are not your typical young, free and single Glasgow student, too. For example, if you have a family to house, your choice may be more limited. In such cases it might be advisable to engage the services of an estate agent who specializes in flats for students and have them look for you if you do not have the time to hunt for a place for yourself.

Requirements for your Flat

Being a student, you probably don?t have much spare cash , so will need a flat that is not too expensive. Ideally it will be within walking, bike or a bus ride distance from the University, as you will so tire of the hassles getting to classes and lectures on time. If you cannot find a studio flat then consider getting a bigger place with two or three other students and split the costs. This is probably the most economical way for students to find a flat. You may have to show your potential property owner that a group of young students really can be responsible tenants and not cause trouble or alienate the neighbours due to loud music or noisy parties.

Other Types of Housing

If nothing is available in the way of flats, get yourself on a waiting list student rental flats and try to find a boarding house within walking distance of the University. These boarding houses usually consist of a one room flat for studying and sleeping and the bath is a community bathroom for the floor you are on. The kitchen space is shared as well so you have to be able to clean up after yourself. This is only a temporary (and cheap) way to get housing until a flat is available, or you could stay in the dorms for the University. They are comparable to the boarding houses but probably cheaper which is why the dorms are always full.

If possible, you should try to locate a flat to rent before term starts; that way you will have the peace of mind of knowing you have a place to live and will not have to worry about housing when you arrive in Glasgow for the start of term. You will have too much other stuff to think about and get excited about in the final few days before term starts. Another possibility for finding student flats in Glasgow is an online site such as ours where you can list to find someone looking to share the flat they already have or they are looking for a flat themselves. This site has a good-sized number of flat-mate situations listed so there is a good chance that you may find what you are looking for here.

To Use the Site

Using this site is easy; just browse the flats to let ? or flat-share ads - for one that seems suitable to you and give them a phone to arrange a viewing. You can also post a free ad to say you are looking for a flat ? and property owners will get in touch with you. Whatever way you choose to look for your flat, do it cautiously, because you never know who you are contacting. If you are female, then try to take someone with you rather than checking out places alone. Be safe and take a friend!