How to Find a Flat to Rent in Glasgow's West End

Photo: Univeristy Avenue Finding a flat anywhere can be a frustrating and demanding task anywhere; but in a popular area such as Glasgow's West End it can be even more difficult. Here are a few ideas that might help make the task a little easier for you.


For starters; if you have an internet connection (which you probably do if you're reading this website!), then try typing in 'how to find a flat to rent in Glasgow's West End', or perhaps 'flats to rent in Glasgow's West End', and you will see lots of descriptions and adverts for such properties. There are many websites that are dedicated to helping you find properties so these could be a great starting point.

Visit the flathunting page on this website often (i.e., Pat's Guide..), as new flats are added every day and they get snapped up quickly; during your search make a habit of checking out the latest additions. You can also post a free advert free on this site describing the kind of flat you are looking for. Free is a good price, so it's worth the five minutes it will take to post your advert as it might be the move that leads you to your perfect flat.

Websites will give you updated listings on flats. Other websites will help you find flats by having a forum for you to browse private rental properties. Spending some time on Google to start with will give you a list of sites to visit and an idea of the range of services available online. Renting privately rather than through an estate agent can be cheaper sometimes; it all depends on what type and size of flat you're looking for in Glasgow's West End.

West End Estate Agents - and searching offline

If you prefer to go to an estate agent to find your Glasgow West End flat then there are plenty for you to get on mailing lists and regularly go and see if they have any new properties. Get on all the rental property lists that you can and you will have first sight of all the new rental properties available; but it's always worth popping in every now and again! Take a walk down Byres Road and ask in the Estate Agents for some advice about how to go about your search. Tell them exactly what you are looking for and they will assist you in your search.

During your walk you will also find that there are shops with adverts for flats in their windows; sometimes the old fashioned off-line approach is the one that will lead to results. From memory, I am aware of a couple of shop that have flathunting adverts in their windows; one in the Newsagents on Byres Road (left hand side going towards Dumbarton Road - the block before Church Street)and another in Kelvinbride (near the Underground station).

Rental Prices

In Glasgow's West End you can expect to pay anywhere from £425 to £1000 per calendar month for your rent, but that may not include fuel charges, Council Tax or furniture, so check these things out. Don't blow your budget just on that luxury 2 bed roomed apartment! You will want something to sit on and something to sleep in too. Also worth bearing in mind is that there is also the option of sharing.

Finding a flat to rent in the heart of the West End doesn't have to be difficult; you just have to be prepared to put in the time and to know where to look. Make sure you always stick to your budget and keep it realistic and in no time at all you will have your dream flat in Glasgow's West End.

Good luck!

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