Cheap Ways to Decorate your Glasgow West End Rental Flat and Make it your Own

Photo: Sideboard and bowl. If you are in a rental flat, you may not want to spend a lot of money in decorating or furnishing the place; you may not even be able to afford to - but there are some great, inexpensive ways to add your own touches to make it your space. You need to check with your landlord or landlady about what you are allowed to do first, but even if decorating is not allowed in your tenancy agreement, you can do an awful lot with furniture and accessories to make the flat your own personal space.

A Lick of Paint or some Furniture

If you can get permission to paint, that is one way to add your personal colours to your space. However, if you cannot get permission to paint the flat then we have to think about other ways. Choosing furniture you like is a start, it does not have to be new furniture; second-hand is good too and usually cheap: think of it as pre-loved and it won't seem such a hardship to miss out on new stuff. Maybe you have a few relatives with furniture they have stored and no longer use that they will part with. Then you can create your own shabby chic. It really is the way to go today.

Free is for Me

Check the local papers free items, or the internet lists; you will find plenty of things you might want to consider that are offered free to a good home - your home. Sometimes even curtains and bedding are available on the cheap to free lists.

Soft Furnishings

If you can get new curtains and bedding that is a personal touch for you. Slipcovers for a sofa can be made or bought in colors you like, the same with a chair or two. The kitchen set is another thing you can find cheap or free too. Go retro and get a 1950s Formica table and chairs! They can be found quite cheaply and they are so trendy. Here is another place for curtains and window dressing that reflects your tastes.

Lamps and Accents

For the living room get some occasional tables and lamps for them; even if you have an overhead fixture lamps are a nice addition and can help you change the mood of a room. Maybe get an area rug for the middle of the floor, and don't forget a coffee table too; this will complete the look for the living room. Moving on to the bedroom, once again, get cheap curtains of your choice, a rug and a bed and a dresser and maybe a bedside table with a reading lamp. Get the bedclothes in colors you like; since this is all your space it should be as you wish it to be.

Have a Decorating Party

A newly popular way to furnish and decorate, especially in rented accommodation, is to have a party with your friends, and admission can be a piece of used furniture. You will definitely have unusual decor for your flat! And it will certainly be original.

That's Entertainment

It can be fun going on a hunt for your furniture curtains, and the little touches that make your flat your space. Now that the furniture is in, it is time to look for a TV, and a stereo; after all you need some kind of entertainment! Since the popular looks now seem to be retro or shabby chic you should have no problem in finding enough furniture and accent pieces for your flat. You may want to consider some paintings for the walls too; it gives that lived in feeling. Remember - you can make your own or have friends do them for you.

Once you have all your things in your flat and have arranged it to your satisfaction you can settle in and relax knowing it is all your idea and you can be proud of your home. Your parents may gasp at the decor when they first visit, but they too will realize this is your space and you did it all yourself!

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