Glasgow West End: Pat's Guide to Eating Out: Restaurants, Cafes and Bistros: Vegetarian

Grassroots Organic

20 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6UR

Deli and grocery. Virtually a Glasgow institution - has been selling vegetarian and wholesome food for over 30 years.

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea

42 Otago Lane, Glasgow, G12 8PB

Quirky teahouse, which is popular with students. Poetry Open Mics. Extensive range of teas and home made cooking.

Heart Buchanan

380 Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8AR

Stylish deli and bistro at top of Byres Rod. Dishes are made fresh each day with local produce. Great range of takeway dishes.

Practically all of the restaurants have vegetarian choices - (note Balbirs under the Indian section for Indian cuisine vegetarian style).


McHuills Way Out West on Kelvinhaugh St has now re-opened as West 13th ( with the management and staff of the old 13th Note. The new pub has the all-vegan menu (smaller menu, but more emphasis on daily changing specials and quality) and regular gigs of the old.
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With people being so health conscious and turning to vegetarians, I am sure having the list of some of the good veggie ?eat outs? will come in handy especially when you are looking for a change from the usual places that you go to!! I?ve been to Grassroots and totally agree with what is written about it here ? it?s a nice place to go to with your family and friends ? but I am certainly looking forward to try out the new ones mentioned here!!

vends | Fri Jul 22 2011

Your website needs updated! Grassroots cafe closed down years ago!!

lulubelle | Fri Mar 04 2011

Stereo closed down and the space is now a lovely little place called 'The 78', still serving a variety of vegetarian and vegan food.

Sam Rankin | Wed Jun 18 2008

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