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Christmas Chocolate Log with Irish Cream Filling by Mags McGrath

yule log


Children, cover your eyes.  I’m a grown-up's pudding.

Dark and tempting
oozing cream
liquered filling
really means
that after babes have gone to sleep
I’m for sharing with those who keep
late hours,
and, yes a little wine to drink with me
dessert of course, ah, can you see
my gorgeous curls which snap and crack
as knife is plunged into my back
and lo I’m lifted high and placed
like royalty on doilèd lace.
A perfect circled Catherine wheel
chocolate tramlines neatly seal
the flavour of a Queenly pud!
There is something wondrous about good food!

Mags, November 2012

Merry Christmas from Scuffer Airways by James Carson
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